by sorval 17 Jul 2014

hello cute family

after 10 years i have see bye to my both doves
they are to a other place where more doves are and more space
i have done this because the lungdoctor have not good news for me
so i dont know how much time i have
next week they do a other test on wednesday and later that week or the other week again a other test
so after all my work for my mil i need to try to be happy for my husband and both children
life is so hard now
my son he dont know what i have but my husband and daughter they know it
i feel real sad when my husband is a lone when i am gone because both parents and his sister are death and he need me so much
i dont know off i can handle this
hugs Sonja who cry in the night when my husband sleep


by theduchess 26 Jul 2014

Sonja, I am praying for you and for strength for your family.Please do not let doubt and fear in. Think positive and pray. Stella

by twee 26 Jul 2014

My heart is sad, and I pray you can have peace and comfort..

by sorval 25 Jul 2014

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by manami 25 Jul 2014

Dear Sonja, today I spoke to you and had to find the message you post on cute. I'm very sad with the news, and know that I am praying for you. I hope the results on Wednesday be good. Love, Yoriko

by queenofhearts 20 Jul 2014

Sonja, I pray that the angels hold you and help you fight this battle, God bless you.

by anssmile 20 Jul 2014

I am praying for you all... Keep on fighting!

by noah 20 Jul 2014

Oh Sonja now i am crying .Please email me ok hugs

by lbrow 18 Jul 2014

My dear Sorval, You have fought a good fight, Keep on!!My prayers are for you and your family for God's comforting arms to hold you and give you peace of heart and soul.. Lillian

by sorval 18 Jul 2014

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by PatriciaVosloo 18 Jul 2014

Dear Sonja I will be sending you a PM. You are In my thoughts and prayers. Patricia xx

by christracey 18 Jul 2014

Sending up prayers for you & the family. I hope your further medical tests show better results.

by yvonnevanwerkhoven 18 Jul 2014

Will be praying for you...please do not stop believing...God loves you

by sdrise 18 Jul 2014

I will be praying for you and your family. Suzanne

by mrskiki 18 Jul 2014

Praying for you and your family as well as a cure or treatment for you. Hugs. Nan W

by rmj8939 18 Jul 2014

I am so sorry for what you are having to go through. My prayers for you.

by gerryvb 18 Jul 2014

my thoughts and prayers for you, hang in there. Hugs, Gerry

by sorval 18 Jul 2014

thank you all very much
the people who know me knows that i will not give up very easy
after the 2 more test i know of the tumor is real bad or not
i will only a longer life
hugs Sonja

by justonlyme 18 Jul 2014

Dear Sonja,
I'm so sorry to hear that you are in pain, both physical and emotional! I hope that this turns out to be a false alarm, and that the doctors can find a way to make you feel better.
I do not know about your husband, but most men I know feel very helpless when it comes to situations such as this. Maybe, instead of crying alone while your husband sleeps, allow him to hold and comfort you. That way, he can have the knowledge that he is able to help you as much as possible.
I wish you the very best news, and a sudden improvement in health. Best wishes and prayers for you! Deanna

by airyfairy 18 Jul 2014

Sonja - I am so very sorry to hear this heart breaking news. My love and thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Hugs Sarah

by cfidl 18 Jul 2014

My thoughts and prayers are with you, God bless.

by hightechgrammy 18 Jul 2014

Sonja, I will be praying that God will comfort you in your time of need. May God bless you and keep you and give you peace. Love, Jan

by jrob Moderator 18 Jul 2014

Sonja, after chatting with you earlier, I know that your darling husband and children will be there for you. You have shown courage in a world that didn't deserve you. Kindness when most would have only known how to respond with anger and resentment. Those traits will be carried on by your loved ones. You have become a grandmother just like the one you had and Djamiro will remember how his grandmother loved and protected him. I'm praying angels to wipe away your tears and hold you in their loving arms, that you will have the strength to fight this battle for as long as you want to, and for comfort for your family. As our friend Dilceia would say, "A kiss to your heart."

by graceandham 17 Jul 2014

Sonja, I am praying for you late in the night as I read this sad news. I remember a time when I was beginning to work through my mourning for my deceased husband and I realized he was not gone, I simply had taken him, the memories of him, inside me to treasure, sort of like in the Bible where it says Mary took the gifts of the wise men and pondered them in her heart. You will never fully leave him and he will know your presence in lots of little ways - the scent of you on clothes in the closet, a phrasing of words that you and he have shared, treasured places, pictures, seeing a flower you loved, looking at your other family members, remembering the way you held his hand and walked beside him through life.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Jul 2014

I am so sad that the doctors did not have good news for you. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you peace of mind that your family will be OK. Big hug for you

by Leaha 17 Jul 2014

Prayers are going heavenward for you in this the families time of need. When you cry at night you are not alone, heaven has messengers who sit with you and hold you as you need. So very sorry you are having to go through this, but you are not alone.

by barba 17 Jul 2014

Please draw strength from us. We are there for you when you want us. We pray with you and cry with you. I lost my husband to lung cancer in May and I draw strength from his love and memory. Your husband and children will be strong because you are strong. They will be okay because your love for them will continue and they will feel it every day. I pray for you to feel peace and know we are always with you. Hugs and blessings, Barba

by shilly 17 Jul 2014

Sonja, we cuties are there with you in the night when you think you are alone...hold out your hand and we will hold onto you all the time, so rest peacefully while we watch. Your husband will be strong for the children and help them when you are not able, together they will get through this...hugs...

by awesome1 17 Jul 2014

I pray that God will bring you peace, and comfort in the knowledge that if you must make this journey, He will hold your hand and guide you. Write letters to your husband and children--they will cherish them and your memory for all time. I wrap you in my heart with love and hope that you will fight for your life.

by darlingwife 17 Jul 2014

Please know that you have many friends here that will pray for you and your family.


by pennifold 17 Jul 2014

Dear Sonja, I am so sorry to read about all that you have gone through in the past with your health and family. I know how hard you have fought this disease and I wanted to let you know that my heartfelt prayers are with you at this time. I've been crying with you - love and blessings Chris

by shozo1271 17 Jul 2014

Be strong, my friend. Show your family that you are going to fight til there is no more fight left. You know we all are sending our wishes to you for the strength to get thru this. Big Cyber Hug... and flowers!!!

by suziequee 17 Jul 2014

I believe you have the courage to face this. I see it in your message. God bless you and your family.

by rango 17 Jul 2014

oh QH - I am so very very sorry to hear about your illness and I am thinking of you always - sorry I missed your chat today please come on tomorrow and we will chat as long as you feel up to it - Nothing anything anyone can say is going to make it go away, we can only be there for you through your trying time and hope your family can help you through it as well. They are going to miss you but with your strength I am sure they will know how to go on with the memories you have made during your life.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jul 2014

Sonja my thoughts are with you and your family. sending a cyber hug dear

by jofrog2000 17 Jul 2014

My prayers are going out to you and yours . Jo

by rescuer Moderator 17 Jul 2014

Dear Sonja please know I am crying with you. I am so sorry! Prayers for comfort and for your family too. Big Hugs!