by katmug 17 Jul 2014

I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Dolly for her generosity with her very cute snow people!!! They are adorable and the next chance I get I will start on them for Christmas for my family. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO darn cute. I can't wait to make them! :) THANKS AGAIN Dolly for your amazingly generous nature. ONE DAY I hope I can digitize and share my designs. One day !!! Thanks Dolly. Kathy


by cfidl 17 Jul 2014

Dolly Rocks! Thank you Dolly, I am going to be making these pieces soon! Yeah!

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katmug by katmug 17 Jul 2014

She surely does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

by graceandham 17 Jul 2014

You will be in awe as you watch hem stitch out. In my software, I loaded as many as I could fit in my large hoop size and I made up several to give as gifts.

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katmug by katmug 17 Jul 2014

Thanks graceandham I can't wait ! Those people on the receiving end will LOVE them ! :D

by dollygk 17 Jul 2014

You are most welcome dear!!! Just my way of giving back to all those who help us 'little' people, Enjoy!

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katmug by katmug 17 Jul 2014

Well as a 'little' person youknow how to give back in a BIG way !!! :D