by zetsdesigns 17 Jul 2014

Good morning. I recently requested assistance regarding the downloading of designs from adorable applique. I still have problems. The design loads fine onto my computer and if sending it to my machine, the computer shows: failed to create the design, although it sends it to the machine. As soon as you open the design on the machine, the screen shows an empty hoop. I would appreciate it if anybody can help me. I tried downloaded on art and pes, with no luck and it is only the adorable applique site I have problems with. All other sites are fine.


by cfidl 17 Jul 2014

It most likely is a size problem. any designs I have problem with load immediately into Wilcom Esizer, which I also use to convert format types. There you can decide which version of Pes you would like, and if it was not created in PE Next (brother's software) the size hoop may not be attached to the file, so here is where you do that also! Let us know!

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mops by mops 17 Jul 2014

She wrote below that it is not the size as she set the right hoop. Reformatting might be a good solution to the problem.

by rescuer Moderator 17 Jul 2014

It is possible that the version of the design is newer than your software can handle. I do not have a Bernina Embroidery machine, but I wonder if there is an update for your machine that would allow it to read the designs.
Perhaps someone with your machine will be able to help or give suggestions.

by muflotex 17 Jul 2014

Hi zets, as the others work fine you are not a beginner 8-)
the first thing i can think of is the hoop size perhaps it to small or to lage for the design. If you name your machine here someone using the same one may be of better help.

muflotex by muflotex 17 Jul 2014

reread you old post - pls giv more info to bernina.exe as I understand this is a program file to execute a program. after instaliing is should be your software to work with designfiles - do not know the bernina software like dedignerplus vers. 7 is the newes one - what are you working with?

zetsdesigns by zetsdesigns 17 Jul 2014

Hi, I do have the Bernina 640 machine, embroidery version 5. I already changed the hoop size to fit the design. As I said, it's only Adorable Applique's designs I cannot open. Thanks for trying to help!