by joyce500 15 Jul 2014

I hope that someone can help me. About a year ago someone posted a good way to get rid of ants. I don't remember who posted. I didn't have any at the time, but I do now and I have been trying to get rid of them. I would like to try the way given in this post if someone can remember where it is. Thank you Joyce .


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by anssmile edited 16 Jul 2014


I use baby powder in areas where I know my animals will walk, aerosol for crawling insects (poison) where my animals will never come, and undiluted dishwashing liquid (Sunlight liquid in South Africa) in my kitchen where we work with food or dishes.

I just spurt a layer of the liquid dishwashing where the ants walk, and leave it for a few days before I wash it off.

If it is a heavy infestation, you will have to find the nest and use poison.

But I always have baby powder and I always try it first! Even in the kitchen.

by sewmom 16 Jul 2014

I use powdered cinnamon when ant stakes aren't available.

by joyce500 15 Jul 2014

Thank you all for the many tips. I will try some of them. We have lived in this house for 5 years and had a few in the bedroom. I got rid of them and have never been bothered again. Now I have what seems like hundreds in my kitchen around the sink. I think they are coming up through the walls from the basement. I will try some of these and see what works. I had heard the cucumber peels but forgot it. I am glad that maybe I helped other cuties also. I will start tomorrow with some of these solutions. Again thanks for your help. Flowers for all. Joyce

by brendalea 15 Jul 2014

Thank you everyone for the tips on getting rid of ants. Have a great day.

by pldc 15 Jul 2014

is borax ok to use around dogs? A good idea if it is ok around pets

by chenille 15 Jul 2014

We have several spots with a zillion a brick retaining wall. Last year I used a mixture of borax and sugar ( 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tsp. borax)
I just sprinkled it where they were and in a couple of days they were gone! You can use it in conjunction with boiling water, but if there are plants around it would not do them any good. :-) It looks like I will have to do it again soon though!
Hope this helps.
Hugs, Nadyne

by pcteddyb 15 Jul 2014

Ants seem to be a problem everywhere. We have the bug man coming on Thursday. We generally get treated about once a year. If we keep getting the ants I will try some of these suggestions.

by lbrow 15 Jul 2014

Well I am having the same problem, they are so tiny, they look like specks of black pepper till you see them move. Borax is an old, old remedy, so old I'd forgotten it. I like mint mouth wash, got some, and Baby Powder, got some of that, but when I go to market I will buy some Borax. thanks for asking this it has helped me./Lillian

by shozo1271 15 Jul 2014

All the tips are great! Most I have never heard of, but they are now in the back of my mind in case I see those dastardly things again. Hate em! But, another tip to add to the list is cucumber peels. Lay those around the outside of your house.

by shilly 15 Jul 2014

Tried this one while on vacation, mint flavored mouthwash, lol. Found this on google and it worked, they just turned around and left because they seem to hate mint. This is only temporary, if you have a lot of ants, you need serious stuff. They are a nuisance, aren't they. Flowers to all of you on the ant brigade...

by queenofhearts 15 Jul 2014

I had big black ants on my counter for the first time ever and I set out a dish of cinnamon. It doesn't kill them but it drives them away and it is completely safe for pets and people.

by sewdoctor 15 Jul 2014

I sprinkle baby powder around areas that they come in,,,,,inside and out. It is easy to sweep up and isn't harmful to anything else...Works for me.

bevintex by bevintex 15 Jul 2014

and it smells good,not like pesticide

pldc by pldc 15 Jul 2014

good to know

by suziequee 15 Jul 2014

Personally I've been considering a blow torch. They are really bad for a while, then nothing for a while, then back to bad. I hate bugs.

jeanfoz by jeanfoz 15 Jul 2014

Ha ha.......A blow torch........

brendalea by brendalea 15 Jul 2014

I with you Jeanfoz!!!! Had the bugs. My hubby takes the lighter to the spider webs on the deck before he starts up the BBQ.

by kingmar 15 Jul 2014

I do not remember the post but have used citrus rind pureed in the blender with moderate success. What has been most effective for me has been diatomaceous (spelling?) earth sprinkled around the perimeter of the house.

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graceandham by graceandham 15 Jul 2014

It's like walking on broken glass for them!

by ajmmjs 15 Jul 2014

to keep ants out of my kitchen i put white vinager in a spray bottle and sprayed all doors frames,window frames ,and around all kitchen for a few months and does not harm my 5 dogs and 5 cats.also very inexpensive! sincerely,lynne

by bevintex 15 Jul 2014

I think it was chalk. I googled this-
To keep ants out of your house, draw chalk lines around your doorways and windowsills. Ants won't cross a chalk line. Why? It's not entirely clear, but some say the ants don't like the particles sticking to their feet, while others say they're averse to the calcium carbonate in the chalk

by cfidl 15 Jul 2014

I have used cayenne pepper to cut off their path to the food source. It totally depends on where they are.

by highlandermom 15 Jul 2014

Borax ....... just sprinkle it where they are traveling. They walk in it and take back to nest kills them off.

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cfidl by cfidl 15 Jul 2014

gotta try this one! Did you know you can make bouncy balls with it also? Lol! too bad I need bouncy balls for the dog! can't use this recipe.

by tiggy000 15 Jul 2014

If it is an ant nest outside, you pour boiling water with dish detergent on it.

by PatriciaVosloo 15 Jul 2014

Joyce, one way is baby-powder. Then in South Africa we have DOOM aerosol for crawling insects and BLUE DEATH, a powder that does work.
Am sure you'll get many more tips. Patricia

anssmile by anssmile 16 Jul 2014

Careful, BLUE DEATH is poison, and will harm people and animals who come in contact with it.

rango by rango 27 Jul 2014

boy glad I came upon this topic - I have been here for 18 years and have never ever had a problem with ants but this year the black ants started showing up - I left some bakery things overnight and it was filled with black ants in the morning so they went down the sink in boiling water - since then I have hardly seen any - the odd one here or there - I will definitely try the white vinegar on the sink and around the areas even wash my floor if I have to with it - not sure where they are coming in though - so can't beat them until I do