by chattypenny 05 Jul 2014

Enjoyed stitching for my husband today. I thought he needed a new coaster to put his coffee cup on. SEW, I stitched him an amazing coaster. Its SEW sturdy and down right awesome! When my husband was in France, he brought back the Eiffel Tower with him SEW it's super special.

If you want to stitch one of these beautiful coasters, you can find them at Sealed With A Stitch, LLC by Sue O'Very. Tell Sue I sent you.


by 02kar Moderator 06 Jul 2014

It's the perfect coaster for your handsome hubby. Well done

by highlandermom 05 Jul 2014

Great job on this. I love the border also.

by lbrow 05 Jul 2014

A very nice "touch" for your hubby/Lillian

by pldc 05 Jul 2014

Terrific! ~hugs~

by noah 05 Jul 2014

I love the border i don't believe i ever sewed one like it hugs Carolyn

by gramsbear 05 Jul 2014

This is sew pretty and well done. I really like the border also!!! bet he loves it for several reasons!!! Hugs, Judy

by lilylady 05 Jul 2014

turned out very nice, bet he loves it.