by ashta 02 Jul 2014

My youngest daughter picked out this design from Embroidery Library several years ago, but since her Siberian Husky eats pillows, she has all of the ones I've made packed away ... sigh. Soooo ... I decided to make this one for me :) Although the picture doesn't show them, there are hot fix crystals in the blue parts of the tail feathers.


by Kmwquilt 04 Jul 2014


by katydid 04 Jul 2014

Wow!!! a great stitch out. I love the design.

by shozo1271 04 Jul 2014

That is one gorgeous Peacock! I am going to look for it. Embroidery Library has a big sale going on again. Now, as for the grand-dog, Lola, she chews up pillows because of the batting. (ask me how I know that) They love to pull batting out of quilts and their toys. If you can make a substitute filler, your daughters pillows might be safe! Now, off to look for that Peacock!! ***FLOWERS to all***

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ashta by ashta 05 Jul 2014

I never thought about the batting ... thanks! Maybe I'll try bean bag pellets and see what happens.

by snowbird42 04 Jul 2014

Absolutely stunning....soozie

by pennydubose 03 Jul 2014

Love this so much...I wanted to sew out this design, but that high stitch count stopped me. So many of the designs I want are the same way, so I just pass them up, but maybe I will give this one a try. You have inspired me! I have Embird but don't have the knowledge to make it a lighter design.

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ashta by ashta 04 Jul 2014

in Embird, you click on Editor then the Edit menu then Set. It will give you the option to modify the density and tells you what it means so you can lower the density. I didn't modify this design and stitched it on linen with a layer of medium cutaway and very light tearaway. It stitched really well :)

by ashta 03 Jul 2014

Thanks for all your lovely comments! Lola the dog is very sweet but soooo high maintenance! The good news is she lives in California and I'm in Kansas so my pillows are safe LOL... I've been trying to find a fabric that Miss Lola won't destroy so I can make a pillow just for her but so far no luck ... If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

by harleysville 03 Jul 2014

This is so beautiful.

by lidiad 03 Jul 2014

Absolutely gorgeous, perfect! Love it.
Hugs, Lidia

by lbrow 03 Jul 2014

oooooooh! Gorgeous, I love peacocks. Fabulous job/Lillian

by Dupsilly 03 Jul 2014

wow wow wow

by greysewist Moderator 03 Jul 2014

This is so impressive! Beautiful design, colours, everything!

by baydreamer 02 Jul 2014

looks fantastic great job

by lilylyn 02 Jul 2014

Beautiful cushion. Don't let the dog near it!!!! Lyn

by sonjapotgieter 02 Jul 2014

Stunning...Love it ..Well done!!!

by 02kar Moderator 02 Jul 2014

Now you know you are spoiling the dog's fun. This cushion is gorgeous. Hopefully, your daughter will be able to enjoy your pillow when she comes to visit.

by arlene 02 Jul 2014

Absolutely beautiful

by oaro 02 Jul 2014

I love it nice design

by pennyhal2 02 Jul 2014

Your thread choices are perfect! Sometimes it's hard to get all those blue and greens to go together so well. I bet those crystals really give a lot of sparkle to this.

by highlandermom 02 Jul 2014


by pldc 02 Jul 2014

Beautiful! ~hugs~

by rgotter 02 Jul 2014

Very pretty!

by queenofhearts 02 Jul 2014

This is beautiful, I love the colors.

by Leaha 02 Jul 2014

This is really beautiful, your fabric panel matches very nicely. Silly Siberian Husky...that's sad she can't enjoy your creativity. :)

by noah 02 Jul 2014

love it great job hugs

by mops Moderator 02 Jul 2014

That's a gorgeous design! Blue is my favourite colour and this cushion is great!