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by sandyqueen ( edited 25 Jun 2014 ) 25 Jun 2014

6/25/2014 FYI It has been two weeks since my brain gamma knife surgery. My balance is better, I walk better, writing way improved and I have energy. I tell people I am 175% of what I was 6/1/2014. Good feeling.

Thanks again for your prayers and caring.

PS Only restriction were day of surgery. 1. Don't drive car. 2. Don't bend over. 3. Don't lift anything heavy.

Day 2 resume normal life.

God has been so good for 70+ years so lots of thank you Lord prayers.



by Leaha 25 Jun 2014

Praise God for He is GOOD. Bless you. :-}

by shozo1271 25 Jun 2014

So happy for you! Continued prayers for continued healing... ***and lots of FLOWERS***

by dragonflyer 25 Jun 2014


by gerryvb 25 Jun 2014

Great news ! hope you keep improving..Hugs :)

by graceandham 25 Jun 2014

Excellent to hear this. Prayers and a good doctor.

by lbrow 25 Jun 2014

Sounds as though you are getting your younger self back. I have seen prayers answereed so many times. PTL/Lillian

by rescuer Moderator 25 Jun 2014

Thank you for the updates and I am so glad you are doing well. Prayers continue for you and another flower for your garden.

by jrob Moderator 25 Jun 2014

How wonderful! The things that can be done medically are so amazing. I'm very happy for you and your wonderful progress.

by pacmp 25 Jun 2014

Such great news! Having lost parts of your life that were so important to you and then be able to have the blessing/ miracle of having those aspects restored once again, must make every day brighter and exciting to see the improvements your body will make. I hope you are able to gain even more improvements even beyond you or even your doctor's expectations. I am so happy for you!

jrob by jrob 25 Jun 2014

I'm still praying for you.

rescuer by rescuer edited 25 Jun 2014

Prayers continue for you also...

by pldc 25 Jun 2014

That is wonderful news for you! ~hugs Loralye~

by 02kar Moderator 25 Jun 2014

Yippee! I hope you get better and better.

by susiesembroidery 25 Jun 2014

Praise the Lord!! I am so happy to hear this good news. Please take good care of yourself.

by dailylaundry 25 Jun 2014

Bless your heart - and Praise God. Please continue to follow doctor's orders and feel even better every day!! Hugs, Laura*