by chattypenny 25 Jun 2014

My beautifully padded nook purse. Lift up the top flap and there is a concealed zipper. I have also made a nice crisp divider pocket to keep the charger separate so it doesn't scratch the cover. The blue strap fits perfectly so i can use it as a crossbody bag.

~~a photo of the inside is posted in the comments below.


by anagha 28 Jun 2014

Stunning...Love your fabric..Great work..

by evie 28 Jun 2014

it sure is beautiful, love the owl fabric, I have a quilt back with the same fabric in blue. love owls, bet you do the style.

by marianb 27 Jun 2014

Love it!

by sewdeb 27 Jun 2014

Great case, I love the fabric!

by lbrow 26 Jun 2014

Cute as can be/Lillian

by lindalee757 26 Jun 2014

Job well done, love the owl fabric!

by Leaha 26 Jun 2014

Great idea and cool fabric. :-}

by buffy1 25 Jun 2014

love it!

by noah 25 Jun 2014

love your owl purse hugs

by shirley124 25 Jun 2014

Very nice. Love the fabric. Shirley

by sewilso 25 Jun 2014

Very pretty nook bag!!! You did a beautiful job. I love my kindle 3, it comes in handy at lunch time or when I am waiting in dr. office or wherever.

by highlandermom 25 Jun 2014

Love it your fabric choice is great for this one.

by 02kar Moderator 25 Jun 2014

Love this

by sonjapotgieter 25 Jun 2014

Stunning...Love your fabric..Good work

by pldc 25 Jun 2014

Super cute & handy too. ~hugs~

by maggiecal 25 Jun 2014

Very nice - the initial square is FiveStarFonts - is this her reader case, she does the covered zipper thing too (I have so many reader case designs I've purchased to stitch, nice to see them done).

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chattypenny by chattypenny 25 Jun 2014

It is the ereader case from Five Star Fonts. It will barely fit my IPAD mini without the cover but the fit is too snug up against the zipper. Love extra protection on my $$$ investments!
Thanks for the compliments

by decojo 25 Jun 2014

very cute!