by twee 24 Jun 2014

I have found a site that has incredibly detailed borders. I am wondering if anyone has stitched these out. They look like they would be very dense, but they are beautiful. Would love to hear from you. Thanks


by maelyn1308 27 Jun 2014

thank you

by haleymax 27 Jun 2014

Thank you.

by Michellel 27 Jun 2014

Thank you for sharing this site.There are some amazing design. Look forward to trying them out

by boogie1818 27 Jun 2014

There are some great designs on this site. Thanks for sharing it with us.

by airyfairy 27 Jun 2014

Some beautiful designs. Thank you for posting.

by PatriciaVosloo 27 Jun 2014

There are LOTS of beautiful freebies to be had on this site - well worth taking a look. But have a big cup of coffee ready made since it will take you a good while to go through them. Thanks again to' twee' for mentioning this site. Patricia

by PatriciaVosloo 26 Jun 2014

Thanks for the lead - there are beautiful, albeit pricey - designs.

by justonlyme 26 Jun 2014

There is a section of sample designs on this website. If you download the one labeled "scarlet rose" and stitch that out, you will get an idea for how that beautiful floral border will stitch out. I've tried a few designs (ones with lower thread counts), and they have stitched beautifully. Good luck.

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twee by twee 26 Jun 2014

Great idea, I'll try that.

by jenne 25 Jun 2014

I have done one of their free designs it sewed out perfect, also one that I bought. they have some beautiful designs.

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twee by twee 26 Jun 2014

Yes they do.

by baydreamer 25 Jun 2014

These are beautiful, I have not , but let us know the results if you due.

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twee by twee 26 Jun 2014

Will Do!

by marianb 25 Jun 2014

I haven't tried these, they do look as though they would be dense.. have you tried any of the free designs, they might give you an idea..

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twee by twee 26 Jun 2014

Will do