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by muflotex ( edited 23 Jun 2014 ) 23 Jun 2014

2014 06 23 cutaway stabilizer trick

I tried a new stabilizer cutaway on my last project and cut away while the design still was in the hoop - whoopie it was so much easier to do. Will have to remember that next time working with cutaway


by jrob Moderator 23 Jun 2014

It's also easier to remove water soluble topping while still hooped.

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muflotex by muflotex 24 Jun 2014

right, did not think that far, thank you to all and *

by basketkase 23 Jun 2014

I too cut the jumps while in the hoop, but never thought to do the cutaway that way......thanks for a useful tip!

by clawton 23 Jun 2014

I find it easier also to clip the thread tails while still in the hoop.

by dragonflyer 23 Jun 2014

ohhhh...but I bet you need to be careful not to cut the fabric...especially when you are starting....

by airyfairy 23 Jun 2014

I never use cutaway but I always take the stitch and tear off while the design is still in the hoop - keeps the whole thing firm.