by patchwork4424 21 Jun 2014

I've been asked for a third time to embroider names on towels.

Can you please give me ideas on how to price the work.
The picture is an example.
Thank you


by PatriciaVosloo 23 Jun 2014

To put this recent extension of the thread into perspective for non-South African 'Cuties', the exchange rate is currently R10,65 (South African currency) to $1 (USA). Patricia

airyfairy by airyfairy 25 Jun 2014

Hi Patricia, I find the costing of items very difficult, especially for friends. People who know nothing about machine embroidery have absolutely no idea what goes into 'doing' a design. The embroidery is the easy part. I have made quite a few peg bags in the past and the last one I did my friend watched. She was amazed at what I had to do before I even got my machine plugged in. When I asked her for R100, she said is that all!!!! Thank you for your SA input for this question.

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 27 Jun 2014

Sarah, I fully endorse what you have said about 'preparation' in advance of doing the actual embroidering.
Thanks for your post. Patricia

by melnic 23 Jun 2014

Quite interesting. I'm on the Westrand and charge R40-00 per single hooping (5x7) Makes me think!!!!

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 23 Jun 2014

Thanks for your response. Have noted your charge for 'a single 5x7 hooping', but once hooped, would anything embroidered be included in your R40,00? Regards, Patricia in Pretoria

patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 23 Jun 2014

In the 5x7 hooping it would include up to 5 letters. It might be less but no more than five unless I can fit the letters in and they will be addition $1 per letter.
Extra letters I will charge $1 for and if I need a larger hoop to accommodate the name then $8 (with 5 letters) per hooping and $10 (with 5 letters) per hooping for the largest hoop. I've decided on a base rate for each size hooping, $5, $8, and $10 for the largest hoop I have. Don't forget $1 extra for each letter over five. Of course to begin with a $10 set-up fee for each order which will hopefully cater for thread, time, stabilizer, solvy, etc. I hope this makes sense? Christine

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 24 Jun 2014

Thank you Christine for your detailed response and advice. Much appreciated and I have recorded it. Greetings, Patricia

melnic by melnic 24 Jun 2014

Hi Patricia, to date the R40-00 included the embroidery, stabilizer, thread etc. Unfortunately we cannot think in $ (dollars) and I do cover my expenses and make a little profit. Found that continued business keeps me going. Regards

airyfairy by airyfairy 25 Jun 2014

I embroider many golf towels and charge R60-00. This includes the towel as well.

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 27 Jun 2014

Thanks for your inputs 'melnic' and Sarah. Best wishes, Patricia

by anssmile 23 Jun 2014


I quickly called my shop where I got my embroidery machine from, as I know those ladies embroider things to sell. They charge R60 to R80 per name.

This shop is in the Pretoria area.

Hope this helps!

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 23 Jun 2014

Thanks Anneliese, that's more realistic. Patricia

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 23 Jun 2014

Anneliese, do you perhaps know if that rate was for towels specifically or would it also apply to smaller articles and burp-cloths for example? Patricia

anssmile by anssmile 23 Jun 2014

They charge per name, regardless of what you embroider. If the name is very small (in width and height) I guess you could charge less.

I did not ask them what they would charge per design... Phone your nearest embroidery machine shop and ask them what you should charge. If they don't make items to sell, phone another. That was how I got my prices in the past.

Just remember, never tell a customer you charge RX per 1000 stitches, without giving them the final price, as that will not tell them the price of the design.

If you want to charge per 1000 stitches, look at the design to see how many stitches it has, work out your price based on the rate you charge, and give them the final figure.

Hope this helps!

anssmile by anssmile 23 Jun 2014

These were single hooping names.

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 24 Jun 2014

Thank you Anneliese for the research you have done and your informative responses. I have saved all the details.
Best wishes, Patricia

airyfairy by airyfairy 25 Jun 2014

Thank you for this information.

by zetsdesigns 23 Jun 2014

Hi, I'm from SA. I heard some ladies charge up to R20 per name. I presume more for a colourful design. Good luck!

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 23 Jun 2014

Thanks for the feedback. R20 is not much if the setting up and hooping and materials are to be part of that amount. Lets see what other responses we receive. Patricia

anssmile by anssmile 23 Jun 2014

That's WAY too cheap. Perhaps they charge R20 per letter?

by PatriciaVosloo 23 Jun 2014

I read this thread with much interest. However all prices quoted are not by South African Cuties. I would be particularly interested if response can be had from S African ladies regarding the prices they would charge?
With thanks, Patricia

by gerryb 22 Jun 2014

I charge $5 per name or monogram. Sometimes it's only 3 letters, sometimes it's several; but it works out in the end.

by jrob Moderator 22 Jun 2014

In my area (the southern U.S.) I would charge $8.00 for 1 towel, but I reduce it to $7.00 for multiples. You should find what the going rate is in your area. It varies according to where you are. I have a friend who does work in Atlanta and gets $12 for a towel.

by godfirstforus 22 Jun 2014

I do a three piece towel set for $25.00. That is the bath towel, hand towel and washcloth. Have no complaints on pricing. Hope this helps.

by patchwork4424 22 Jun 2014

Hi Cuties!!! I've decided to do a set up fee of $10 per order and $5 per 5x7 hooping up to five letters. After that larger hooping will cost more as will additional letters. I don't want to overcharge but I definitely don't want to be sparing my time for naught. Thank you all again for your help. Christine

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ctirish by ctirish 22 Jun 2014

I am stunned at the low prices you want to charge. I had a name Westbrook put on a baseball shirt for a 10 year old about 5 years ago. I couldn't do it in one hooping and I was afraid I would mess it up. In Middletown, CT they charged me a $10 set up fee and $2 a letter for 5-inch letters. So $28+tax later, I didn't think to check the work before I paid and left the store. It was the son of a cousin who has done a lot for me so I didn't mind the cost. When I got home and opened the plastic bag, I saw they had messed up the lettering, There was an entire area where it had long stitches instead of fill stitches. They weren't busy and obviously had left the machine while it stitched. What bothered me was they didn't tell me or offer to fix it.
My advice, make sure you include the cost of electricity, wear and tear on your machine, stabilizer, topping, thread, bobbin thread, a test towel, and if they supply the towel, ask them if it can be replaced if something happens. Things to think about, towels designs usually have extra base stitches, so charge for those as well as increase by letter size. Make sure they wash cotton towels so they don't come back and tell you they shrank.
When I do towels I try to use the letters that came with a placement set I bought years ago.

jane in CT

by toogie 22 Jun 2014

My daughter worked at a shop about 10 years ago.She told me they charged a flat rate of $5. per hooping,which included the first 5,000 stitches,then it was a dollar per thousand stitches, after that.The shop probally charges more now. Don't know if this helps you are not.

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Jun 2014

I have no ideas where you are in the universe but it is very interesting reading the replies and seeing what people where charge. Hope you come up with a price that suits you and the customer

by marianb 22 Jun 2014

I think it would depend on how long the name is and if they are supplying the items, generally I charge 50c per lowercase and $2 per upper with them supplying.. example if they wanted Christopher then that would be $12. If you only charged a small amount and were given a long name then you be working at a loss, don't forget to take into account the stablizer and cotton costs as well as your time..Marian

by aussiequilter 22 Jun 2014

I would charge $5 per name if they supply the towels

by mops Moderator 21 Jun 2014

I charge €3.50 which is about $4.50 if it fits a 5x7 inch hoop. Sometimes people want a reduced price when they have more than one towel, others give me more when they collect the finished article. So the price must be about right for the area I live in.
I don't charge $1 per 1000 stitches, it would be far too expensive to get even a single order.

by sandyqueen 21 Jun 2014

These are gorgeous.

When I do my family I use first name on bath towel, 2 or 3 initials on hand towel and first name initial on wash cloth. When 1st set wore out not so subtle hints for another set were given to grandma.


by noah 21 Jun 2014

I charge 5 bucks if they supply the towel hugs

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by graceandham edited 21 Jun 2014

My embroidery store where I shop for threads, stabiliers, etc. stopped doing stitching two years ago, but their price at that time was $8 for a name (8 letters or less) and $5 for a monogram 2" or under. Private stitchers in my area typically charge $1.00 per 1000 stitches, but I like that $5 minimum idea!

by dragonflyer 21 Jun 2014 would also depend upon who supplied the or your client...

by Weechi 21 Jun 2014

My price $5.00 per hooping plus $1.00 per 1000 stitches.

by rescuer Moderator 21 Jun 2014

In my area (it may be different where you are) the normal fee is $5 or $6 USD per name. Most use a "less than 2 inch" rule for that. I know some will charge a dollar per 1000 stitches. Names often do not get that high and you would lose money on the stabilizer and your time if you only charged $2.