by rachap 20 Jun 2014

Does anyone remember who was selling USB sticks vea internet that had been formated for various machines? Tthis would have been late winter , early spring 2014. I ordered one and it workded great for my machine. Unfortunately in a recent move the movers lost some of the boxes from my sewing room and all of my USB sticks are gone!! I need to get replacements but can't find the site. Thanks for any & all help.


by marianb 21 Jun 2014

USB's can be picked up at most large quilting stores, office supply stores and also sells pretty usb's. Hope this helps a little and they find your boxes soon. Marian

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rachap by rachap 21 Jun 2014

thanks, I'm afraid the boxes are a lost cause. I guess the moving companies have never delt with a quilter/embroiderer who is in withdrawal but they are about to find out how serious this is!! I will be nice but firm when I finally get to speak with an actual person. So far, just forms back and forth.

by dollygk 21 Jun 2014

If I'm not mistaken all USB's will run with your computer, machine, laptop, etc... and any other device that will read them. It's just the file type will only show with the machine it is meant for.....

spendlove by spendlove 21 Jun 2014

Exactly! They do need to be formatted for the machine though. My machine creates the folders it wants on a new stick and will only find designs if they are in the folder it wants them in. You can't just put a stick loaded with designs in a machine because it won't be able to find them.

rachap by rachap 21 Jun 2014

That was probably my problem.

by spendlove Moderator 20 Jun 2014

If you put a new stick in your machine, it should format it. (My Janome does anyway. )

by pennifold 20 Jun 2014

Hi Rachel (I'm guessing!) There was a post about this back in March. I'll attach it here for you to have a look at. Good luck with it all. Love Chris

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rachap by rachap 21 Jun 2014

Thanks tis was very helpful.

by pcteddyb 20 Jun 2014

I did not know there were different sticks for different machines. Both of my brother machines will use any stick. If you can use any type I would stick with a "brand name" one - I have had better luck with them.