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by sandyqueen ( edited 19 Jun 2014 ) 18 Jun 2014

We are home from my Gamma Knife brain surgery. Went in hospital 10th at 7:00 am. Left at 11:30 am. Went pawn shopping, ate, then back to Olympia and more shopping and ate. Then called it a day. Spent trip shopping and eating. I gained 2 lbs. People tell me they can already tell a difference in me. I feel great, have energy and want to do stuff. Work was busy today. Probably busy tomorrow also. All seems to be going well. Will know in 3 to 6 months how effective treatment was.

PS 6/19/14 UPDATE I can write my name and you can read it, I walk better, balance is better, look better, speak better. I'm not complaining so far. Now the good can continue.


by justonlyme 20 Jun 2014

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And yes, I wanted to shout so the world would hear! Isn't it great to get your life back again? Now, so much catching up to do!! Thank you for the positive news. If it worked well for you, then it will probably work well for others. Amazing and wonderful. :) Enjoy all of your (old) new found abilities.

by noah 19 Jun 2014

Well lets believe in miracles!!You will be a walking one ok??hugs

by anssmile 19 Jun 2014

Wonderful news! Take care of yourself.

by camylow 18 Jun 2014

Pleas don't overdue it..So Happy for you though...

by 02kar Moderator 18 Jun 2014

Yea! Shopping and eating sound like a great reward for being a good patient. Keep on healing and feeling good. We will be looking for a good report in 3-6 months. Please keep us informed.

by Leaha 18 Jun 2014

Hallelujah, what a blessing, hope things continue to improve. Great news. n :-)

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by sandyqueen edited 18 Jun 2014

6/18/2014 Thank you all for being with me in this new experience. I can go in a year and do the other side.


by dragonflyer 18 Jun 2014

Great...hope all continues to go's gotta be good if you are shopping and eating, too!

by awesome1 18 Jun 2014

Wonderful news! Keep positive thoughts.

by cfidl 18 Jun 2014

You are in a great place! Have fun with your new life!

by graceandham 18 Jun 2014

This all sounds good so far! I'm pleased for you.