by twee 17 Jun 2014

I will be returning to Nanjing China to teach English at the University level. Things have fallen into place and my hubby and I are looking forward to returning. This time I told my hubby the only way I would go is if our children can come visit, and I can return to the states during semester break if I want to.

Our son and his family have moved into our home, to take care of things and to help out our daughter who is a single mom.

So, after August I'll be checking in from China. If there is anyone from China on CE, I'd love a PM from you.


by Leaha 18 Jun 2014

I hope you have a wonderful trip and year in China, it sounds as if you are pleased and excite, very happy for you. Be safe and enjoy. :)

by noah 17 Jun 2014

Way to go:);)very happy for you hugs

by susiesembroidery 17 Jun 2014

Good luck.

by clawton 17 Jun 2014

The best to you in this journey. Enjoy. Is this a long time comment?

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twee by twee 18 Jun 2014

A school year, we should be home the end of next June.

by workbecky 17 Jun 2014

how exciting

by cfidl 17 Jun 2014

Wow! Sounds great! Best wishes!

by gdsteliga 17 Jun 2014

What a great opportunity for you and your family. You sound like a wonderful family.

God bless

by rescuer Moderator 17 Jun 2014

I am so glad you will be able to visit family while you are teaching this time. I am sure that will mean you will enjoy your stay much more -- especially knowing your home is being cared for by your family.
I do hope you will be able to check in here on Cute often.
May your journey be safe and time spent there be filled with wonderful memories!

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twee by twee 18 Jun 2014

Thanks, CE will be one of my life lines back to the US and home.

by decojo 17 Jun 2014

Congratulations on your wonderful opportunity to return to China. It will be nice to visit with your friends in China. Does the University offer living quarters or will you find your own place? Hugs, Joyce

twee by twee 18 Jun 2014

Yes they provide housing that is for teachers. This time we have will be living in renovated housing. The housing last time definitely needed updating. Our complex was gated and we there were teachers from Germany, Japan and China. It was a treat getting to know our neighbors. We held an English corner once a week at our apartment and gathered to talk in English and share our experiences and life in America. They were hungry to learn about the US.

decojo by decojo 18 Jun 2014

That is nice that housing will be provided, especially renovated housing. It will be so much fun to see the changes that have been made since you were there last. Enjoy!

by pldc 17 Jun 2014

what a wonderful opportunity to be asked to go back! Congratulations to you. It will be nice to know that your home is in good family hands & that they can come to visit you both! Best of luck with your new endeavor. ~hugs~

by sdrise 17 Jun 2014

Enjoy your time there and nice that the kids will visit and take care of your home. Safe flight! Suzanne

by 02kar Moderator 17 Jun 2014

I know you had a wonderful experience the last time. I hope you get to greet old friends and have many more wonderful experiences.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jun 2014

Terri what lovely news. Enjoy your return to China

by pennifold 17 Jun 2014

Wow! Terri! Congratulations on being asked to return to China. You must be thrilled to know that you are an English Teacher and in such high demand. I'm so glad that everything has fallen into place for you and that you can leave your family in your home. That will be a real comfort for all concerned. I don't know of any Chinese Cute members, but maybe PM Veronika and she will know. Love Chris

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twee by twee 18 Jun 2014

Great idea, I will do that.

by anssmile 17 Jun 2014

Have a safe trip and enjoy your teaching! And I do hope your children can visit you fairly regularly. Best wishes for your new adventure.

by airyfairy 17 Jun 2014

Wish you every success in your new adventure.

by dailylaundry 17 Jun 2014

Exciting news, Twee!!! Sounds like everything is planned out well! Good luck in your major move!! Hugs, Laura*