by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

Have you ever thought what you are going to do with your embroidery design stash? We have so many designs, and yet we add to them rtegularly by buying new designs or downloading freebies.

And some of us even create our own designs to add to this.

I am very sure if I embroider every day of the rest of my life, I will never be able to use all my embroidery designs. In fact, I am very sure I would not be able to use more than a very, very small portion of my collection.

And clipart. I have LOTS of clipart sets, yet add more whenever I can. Why?

It is very simple. I collect beauty. If I feel down, I just page through my clipart and think of what I would like to do with them. How I can make them uniquely mine without violating the licence that came with them.

And then I see these beautiful pictures in my head next to the beautiful pictures on the computer screen.

Or I page through my existing embroidery design stash, and simply enjoy the beauty of the designs. I can spend hours just looking at them, and thinking of what type of project would display each design best.

Why do you keep collecting designs? It would be interesting to know...


by shirley124 16 Jun 2014

I also have more designs than I will ever use. I like to know I have it if I need it. (That is my excuse, and I'm sticking to it lol) Like you I often browse thought them. I have made loads of things in my mind, and to me that is good therapy. Hugs Shirley

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anssmile by anssmile 17 Jun 2014

Well, it is the truth, isn't it? And yes, it is excellent therapy...

by grossfamilie 16 Jun 2014

I think about that often .... but it has become a habit to me to look around and collect and buy some too - I think I probably do something good to the digitizers which deserve the small amounts of money and hope many small amounts of us collectors may make a
salary for these talented and hard working people.
And: Collecting beauty is a good point of view as you said, dear anssmile
My sons say I have to live forever to make use of the designs :-)

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anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

If I have a bit of money at all it goes straight to get something else of beauty! I have a lot of wish lists...

by noah 16 Jun 2014

Wellllllllll yessssssssss i can't pass up those buck designs Can you???hugs

anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

Not if they are pretty...

bevintex by bevintex 16 Jun 2014

some of the homely ones need a home too lol

anssmile by anssmile 17 Jun 2014

But money is tight, I have to be VERY selective in what I buy...

by dragonflyer 16 Jun 2014

I never know what I will use...and sometimes it is something that I thought I would never use! It's always a surprise...

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anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

And what a nice surprise...

by bevintex 16 Jun 2014

Me,well of course I'm going to use them, Probably tomorrow or the next day or the next, And there is always that sale that I can't resist or a Cutie posts something I want to make, besides that it's just fun to have an unending assortment to choose from when i do decide to use them

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anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

What an excellent attitude!

by dollloversa 16 Jun 2014

i just think "I will have a use for this design sometimes!"

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anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

Too true...

by 02kar Moderator 16 Jun 2014

Well said as I also keep adding to the huge stash of designs I couldn't stitch out in multiple lifetimes.

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anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

And there is always a new irrisistable one... or two... or three...

by PatriciaVosloo 16 Jun 2014

Hi 'ansmile', I enjoyed your post. I think it becomes addictive after a while to continue to accumulate the beautiful designs - too irresistible to avoid. We always conjoue up the thought that 'one day' they could come in handy. But rather be on embroidery than alcohol or drugs!!

anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

Amen to that...

anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

There is just one problem - I do the same with fabric, and coloured pencils, and water colour paint, and graphite pencils, and basically everything to do with creating stuff!

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 16 Jun 2014

Me too .... addicted to all kind of handcrafts since I was a child - crocheting, knitting, sewing, drawing, now added
embroidery by machine, sometime ago did make all the clothes for my 5 children - and I cannot say "Goodbye" to the things I do not need anymore :-)
But when thinking it over I really made a lot of useful things including hard work like tiling, laying wooden floors and other work in house and garden

anssmile by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

My son forced me to get rid of my beads (semi precious stones, etc!) so at least that is off my list of things to get. And we have a space problem. But clipart and embroidery designs reside on the computer, so I mainly concentrate on them at the moment...