by ansalu 16 Jun 2014

The soccer-game world-championship Germany versus Portugal start now. It's a feeling like the Super-Bowl in USA. Have to hurry to the TV...

Greetings, Bettina


by dilceia 18 Jun 2014

Congratulations Betina! Eu acho que a Alemanha vai ser a campeã, da copa. abraços.

by airyfairy 17 Jun 2014

4 - 0 to Germany - Like you Bettina my DH is doing the happy dance!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Jun 2014

Soccer is catching on in the States and there has been quite some excitement about it. I actually watched the USA win today and I was never much of a fan of the sport even when I lived in Germany. I remember everyone going crazy during the "Weltmeisterschaft". I am exhausted just from watching.

by ribblev 16 Jun 2014

I congratulate all the players whatever team they are in. To see the perspiration on their faces makes me feel the conditions are not suitable for 90 minutes running around the pitch. I'm a "Possie" ..a Pom that became an Aussie, so I always have dual nationality in any sport. I feel for the Brazilian people though having to live in slum conditions and hope any profit gained from the world cup will be used to make their living conditions better. Makes us appreciate what we have doesn't it??........Ann

by ansalu 16 Jun 2014

Germany has won 4:0. We had some real good players but we would not got this result without our keeper Manuel Neuer and the player Thomas Müller. Müller has shot 3 of the 4 goals! Awesome guy :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by grossfamilie 16 Jun 2014

I have two hearts in my body this evening. We have a real big community of Portugese born people here in my home-town Gross-Umstadt and many of us are watching the game on the outdoor
screen of the Portugese Club. I am sad for the Portugese friends
and hope the German players will not become too arrogant
Now I go to watch the second half - Maria

ansalu by ansalu 16 Jun 2014

Oh Maria, your poor friends. This was not their game today...

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 16 Jun 2014

Ja, that's true but they also say "Game is game" and fun is fun ... and we always have a lot of fun together - next time
Sao Jao = Johannisfest :-)

by PatriciaVosloo 16 Jun 2014

Here in South Africa, also of much interest.

by ansalu 16 Jun 2014

Germany leads 3:0! Time for the break :o)

by crosses 16 Jun 2014

Go Germany!

by cfidl 16 Jun 2014

Excellent! Enjoy the game!