by fleabag 07 Jun 2014

This is my prototype bear. I have 2 orders already but they have to have embroidery. Where do you think I should put it? Tummy or feet or both?


by pldc 08 Jun 2014

Nicely done, ~hugs~

by fleabag 08 Jun 2014

THANKS to everyone for all their very positive comments and all your great ideas. I think a heart is a great idea 😄

by sewilso 08 Jun 2014

At Easter time on facebook, I saw lots of rabbits, people were doing some type of monogram on the chest middle. Your bear is adorable, love that fabric too. There are lots of embroidery circle applique patches you could do that with the monogram on it? I would do a practice one to see what looks most appealing.

by spendlove Moderator 08 Jun 2014

Lovely bear. I think the position of any embroidery depends on what is required. Don't overdo it, though, it could spoil the effect!

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fleabag by fleabag 08 Jun 2014

You are so right!

by lidiad 08 Jun 2014

That's a cute bear. I would embroider a heart with the child's name below the heart, on the tummy.
Hugs, Lidia

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fleabag by fleabag 08 Jun 2014

Great idea

by airyfairy 08 Jun 2014

He is absolutely beautiful. For me, if you are using a patterned material I would only do the feet as I personally think it would be too much. How about the child's name across the tummy area? Good to 'see' you here Fiona. Hugs Sarah

by anssmile 08 Jun 2014

Absolutely adorable! Definitely on the tummy, but some on the feet will look nice too!

by justonlyme 07 Jun 2014

Super cute bear! Did you create the pattern?
I think that embroidery would be great on both the feet and the tummy. There were some paw print designs floating around here for a while. Way cool!

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fleabag by fleabag 08 Jun 2014

Thanks. This is a Simplicity pattern. Really easy too 😃

by Leaha 07 Jun 2014

How cute is this! I like the idea of both, but you could do some one way and some the other way. I too think a little heart on the chest would be cute. If you digitized the heart you could make it unique and your own signature design, kind of like a trademark. :)

by decojo 07 Jun 2014

Very cute!

by dordonc 07 Jun 2014

so cute

by buffy1 07 Jun 2014

very cute!

by rosemarie2 07 Jun 2014

Gorgeous bear!

by arlene 07 Jun 2014

On the tummy. Cute bear

by jrob Moderator 07 Jun 2014

Cute! I guess it depends on how much embroidery you need/want to put on it. If it is just a name, I go tummy.

by sonjapotgieter 07 Jun 2014

he looks so Awesome..Love him...On tummy

by noah 07 Jun 2014

I vote both :);)it looks awesome hugs

by gwillmann 07 Jun 2014

I have seen similar bears done in pink or blue for new babies with the baby's name on the tummy, the weight on one foot and the length on the other foot. Your bear is very cute. I think you can put embroidery where ever you want.

by pcteddyb 07 Jun 2014

What type of embroidery are they wanting - that will likely drive where you put it. Cute Bear!

graceandham by graceandham 07 Jun 2014

How about a heart?

airyfairy by airyfairy 08 Jun 2014

A heart is a lovely idea.