by radmom 07 Jun 2014

I made my daughter this patchwork cat for her graduation from high school. It contains fabrics from clothes, and other things I've made for her over the past 18 years. It also has fabrics that represent where she's been and other significant stuff. I'm also including a picture of my beautiful daughter after the graduation ceremony. I am so proud of her! Sorry the pictures loaded sideways.


by snowbird42 07 Jun 2014

Your daughter is very beautiful what a wonderful day for all...soozie

by Leaha 07 Jun 2014

Congrats on the graduation. What a beautiful memento to the first 18 years. :o}

by sonjapotgieter 07 Jun 2014

Congrats to her...Great work you did..Well done

by rgotter 07 Jun 2014

A lovely forever memento that even her children will appreciate. Your daughter lovely too!

by shozo1271 07 Jun 2014

Cute Cute Cute! Both the kitty and your daughter. Congrats! **FLOWERS**

by basketkase 07 Jun 2014

Congrats to your beautiful daughter and what a terrific job on her patchwork kitty!

by mops Moderator 07 Jun 2014

Splendid idea.!

by pldc 07 Jun 2014

Beautiful! ~hugs~

by anssmile 07 Jun 2014

Very good idea! Every time she sees it she can take a trip down memory lane...

by noah 07 Jun 2014

I bet she loved it ??hugs

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radmom by radmom 07 Jun 2014

My daughter opened gifts before leaving for the school for the graduation ceremony. Mine was the last one she opened. It made her cry, and then I cried also!

by spendlove Moderator 07 Jun 2014

Excellent idea!

by modo 07 Jun 2014

FĂ©licitations pour la courte pointe ainsi que pour la graduation de ta fille