by michele921 05 Jun 2014

anyone know anything about this machine? Brother bas-416-01 industrial machine, I have found one local for $2500, asking before I call to check on it, anything I should be asking before hand



by justonlyme 05 Jun 2014

Some of these machines are built with a 3-phase power requirement. Since it is used, it may have been converted for lower power or a different power requirement. Others are 220, instead of the 110 that we are accustomed to in the states. You will probably want to check on the power requirements, because there is a chance that it will have to have special wiring. The 220 wiring is what your stove or dryer might have; 3-phase is a specialty industrial wiring, and can be quite costly if you have to have it set up. If it is 110, you may want to ask if it has been altered for household power. If it has, it may not have the speed that is standard with an industrial machine. Happy shopping!!

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michele921 by michele921 05 Jun 2014

Thank you I will check that out too

by anssmile 05 Jun 2014

Be careful, make sure there is someone who can teach you how to use the machine. I read a comment on the internet stating that it is not easy to learn to use this machine...

michele921 by michele921 05 Jun 2014

I talked with the owner and he is willing to help teach the machine, has a few and decided this one was not being used enough to justify the space

anssmile by anssmile 05 Jun 2014

That is very nice. In that case, get all your questions ready, and if the answers are what you expect, go for it!

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Jun 2014

No ideas about the machine but would be asking how long owned, hours stitched, service history and where serviced. Find out cost of general service. Sorry at the moment I cant think of anything else. It is a machine I am not familiar with but did a rapid google and there was a little, mainly machines for sale on ebay. Good Luck and look forwards to hearing more about it

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michele921 by michele921 05 Jun 2014

yes what I found not much about them, older machine for sure, hoping someone who is running one will pop up LOL Thanks