by airyfairy 31 May 2014

I have often wondered where the names that we use on Cute have come from and what the history is. I know that some are fairly obvious. I will start the ball rolling. Airyfairy was my nickname given to me by my two cousins who were and still are like brothers to me.


by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014

My name comes from an attempt to sign onto a website many years ago where I had to use a real name and I was the 109th Patricia. I have been frustrated quite a few times when signing onto new (to me) websites, so decided one day to continue to use Patricia109 so I wouldn't have to remember a different number. I have used it periodically whenever I need to use a name. I don't do lots of chatting on the internet so it isn't in much use.

by hightechgrammy 05 Jun 2014

One day my daughter said, Mom, you sure are a high tech grammy, so of course I loved that! But I also love grammycats. I'm hightechgrammy here and grammycats some other places.
What a fun thread!

by Smokey12 05 Jun 2014

Smokey is my name. If you saw my pic, I am a blue mix medium hair feline. The 12 is a number I had to choose because there are a lot of Smokey's out there.

by greysewist Moderator 05 Jun 2014

I do a lot of volunteering for a Greyhound Adoption Program, to help ease their transition from race dogs to pets when they retire. I often sew collars, leads and jackets for them. I'm also going a bit grey myself :)

airyfairy by airyfairy 05 Jun 2014

Lovely story

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 05 Jun 2014

How wonderful! My dear friend has adopted two different greyhounds and they have each been wonderful pets for her - such characters!

by eyeztodiefor10 04 Jun 2014

Years ago after my divorce I started chatting online. One gentleman said I had eyestodiefor and I thought that was a good name to use. I had to switch carriers so changed it to eyeztodiefor1 and had to switch again so it became eyeztodiefor10. The eyes are a bit older now but it makes me feel good to think that at one time someone thought they were beautiful enough to die for ( figuratively speaking! of course!) My only vanity!

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airyfairy by airyfairy 05 Jun 2014

Why not!!

by nonna57 04 Jun 2014

Nonna of 15 grandchildren and 57 well you guess , is it my birth year or my birth date and hubby's birth date? A cyber hug and a flower who guesses :)

mranderson by mranderson 04 Jun 2014

Hi Pauline, my guess is that it is your birth year.??????????. Hugs Marg

nonna57 by nonna57 05 Jun 2014

Ok Marg u win :)

mranderson by mranderson 05 Jun 2014

Ohhhhh great, when can I expect the cheque. LOL. Hugs.

by anangel 04 Jun 2014

My special daughter, Cindy, who has Down Syndrone, came to ask me something, as I was sitting at my computer, trying to come up with a name to use. Looking at her, I decided, "An Angel" would be IT!!
Hugs, Angel

anssmile by anssmile 04 Jun 2014

How sweet! A perfect name. And I'm sure it keeps on reminding you of her!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 05 Jun 2014

To me, YOU are anangel! And so is Cindy!

by kingmar 04 Jun 2014

No imagination - mine is a carryover from my work days, a combo of my last name and first.

by blueeyedblonde 04 Jun 2014

Well, this is a very interesting question. I also wonder how everyone came up with their names. I am loving reading all the answers. Some I was suprised I guessed right - lol.
Mine isn't as interesting as others - I had to come up with something and tried a couple and they were already taken so I (in frustration) just used blue eyed blonde as that's what I am.

by lindalee757 03 Jun 2014

Mine is very unimaginative-lindalee-My first and middle names 757-Birthday July 1957.

by dailylaundry 03 Jun 2014

I have been away so just now getting a chance to answer this!! We have 4 children (of which are 3 boys) and for years it seemed my laundry was endless!!!! Needless to say you can understand why I picked the name "dailylaundry".

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jun 2014

I feel your pain!

by icana 03 Jun 2014

I is the first letter of my first name cana is the first 4 letters of my last name.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 05 Jun 2014

It sounds like such a positive name!

by bevintex 03 Jun 2014

Mine is pretty obvious. my name is Beverly and I live in Texas. So I became bevintex

by juanitadenney 03 Jun 2014

Well, mine is just my name. When I joined the site I didn't know I could use something other than my name and would like to change it but never knew how. On all the other sites I am on I use sew_ gal which was given to me by my husband because I love to sew.

by mranderson 03 Jun 2014

Sarah, loved reading all the replies to your post. Mine is one of the most obvious....M for Margaret R for Rose and then my married name. I did not consider a funky name when I joined years ago. LOL. Awwwwwwww well too late now. Hugs Marg

rescuer by rescuer 03 Jun 2014

I am afraid I thought your husband must have helped you sign up. All along, I thought your "name" was Mr. Anderson. It is a very good thing we have this post!

airyfairy by airyfairy 04 Jun 2014

So good to see you again Marg - have missed you.

mranderson by mranderson 04 Jun 2014

Hi Sarah and rescurer. I have been here just not real active. Firstly my hubby would never call himself Mr and secondly he has very little know-how of how computers work let alone how this Cute site works. And that is the way I like it. heeheehee. Hugs Marg

rescuer by rescuer 04 Jun 2014

Heeheehee...good to know. Hugs to you

by sewilso 02 Jun 2014

My initials spell sew and my last name starts with wilso, so it's just part of my real name. Not very original but that's the answer. lol! It's really interesting to read all these comments.

rescuer by rescuer 02 Jun 2014

I always thought it meant "sew I'll sew"

airyfairy by airyfairy 02 Jun 2014

And me!!!!

sewilso by sewilso 03 Jun 2014

Oh guys, that made me laugh. I never looked at it like that. lol~!!!! I like that!

graceandham by graceandham 03 Jun 2014

Apparently, lots of us thought that.

by wider57 01 Jun 2014

Mine came from my grandfather and doctor who could not pronounce the 'V' in my name - hence I was called wida - which sounds like wider (because I am growing in that direction :-) and 57 is my year of birth. Vida

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airyfairy by airyfairy 02 Jun 2014

Love this one

by jand803 01 Jun 2014

mine is my name and birth date. Now the family knows when to send a card. My picture stands for 'slow but steady'.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 02 Jun 2014

Gently does it.......

by haleymax 01 Jun 2014

Mine is my last name and part of my first name. Wanted to use my nickname, but didn't want to add a number to it.

by mumzyfarm 01 Jun 2014

Mine is quiet easy I am a mum and I live on a farm. Thanks for asking it was very interesting reading all the responses. Mumzyfarm

by grossfamilie 01 Jun 2014

Funny - people seem often to think the same. I also often wondered
about the story behind the names.
Thank you, dear Airyfairy, for explaining your nickname. I always thought
that you must be a fragile wonderful fairy and think your cousins are right.
I chose my name because I got six children (Grossfamilie = big family) but often wondered how to change it. I really love my family but the children are grown up and sometimes I think I should not identify myself depending on the children but I feel I got back my own personality again and should express in another name. But, of course, I love children and DH and grandsons a lot. I think you know what I mean :-) Maria

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airyfairy by airyfairy 02 Jun 2014

My husband is German so I had an idea what your name meant. I am certainly not fragile - more likely a bit of an air head. LOL.

by lildoll2 01 Jun 2014

i got my name because i made porcelain dolls for over 20 years, had to give it up dust got in my lungs, had to learn the computer so i could do my sewing designs, kids said i should use lildoll 2, works for me , Doris

by jeanfoz 01 Jun 2014

We'll mine is not very exciting, my name is jean foster and a lot of my family call me foz, so jeanfoz.....I call my hubby, foz all the time, xx

by sewtired 01 Jun 2014

Some beautiful names and beautiful stories. Mine was born of frustration. Many years ago when we first signed up for internet service and email, I wanted a name that represented some aspect of me, something that I liked or did or was. So I entered my first choice and "Sorry, that name is chosen, would you like to be ____625?" No, I didn't want a number tacked on the end, so I tried something else, again taken! and again and again etc. Finally I was sew tired of trying to come up with something original and me and I put in sewtired and it took. That's my story.

shirley124 by shirley124 01 Jun 2014

I like your story.

katydid by katydid 01 Jun 2014

I like your story, too!

lilylady by lilylady 01 Jun 2014

cute story.

sewtired by sewtired 02 Jun 2014

Glad you liked it. As I'm getting older, it seems to fit better. Where did all the "get up and go" go?
Lilylady, gardening was also one of my hobbies, but I don't do much of it anymore, though I do have a few day lilies and other low maintenance flowers and plants..

by toet 01 Jun 2014

Sarah, Toet is my late husband's family name. His father came to Australia after WW2. The name was Van-tot which was changed to make paper work simpler when applying for work. hugs Heather

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airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

Another very interesting story.

by crosses 01 Jun 2014

Mine is very boring, it is just from my love of crossstitch.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

Not boring at all

by awesome1 01 Jun 2014

Mine sounds pretty snarkey to 'assume' that I am awesome. It was actually intended to be (shyly) "aww...someone"---the number 1 to shorten the typing, but I accidentally dropped in the "e" which changed the meaning entirely. I hate the looks of it, but there it is! I try to be more careful with my fingers now.

airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

I thought it was something to do with the cat in your avatar picture!!!

rescuer by rescuer 01 Jun 2014

Good to know -- I will pronounce your "name" correctly from now on.

awesome1 by awesome1 01 Jun 2014

No, airyfairy. The dearest love of my life, Poppycat..beautiful blue eyed Himalayan/Siamese..tragically went blind overnight and then died from a brain tumor just 3 yrs ago. I miss him sooo much.

awesome1 by awesome1 01 Jun 2014

rescuer..haha! Please...loud enough for me to hear :-)

by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

Oh WOW - I had no idea what this question would unfold. Thank you all for showing us another side of you. Flowers for all - you have made my day.

by camylow 01 Jun 2014

Mine is easy...I hate my picture taken...I loved scooby doo cartoon growing up in my early years..."camylow comes from my little dog "Camille"..i usually call her camy for short...hence camylow...

by dollygk 01 Jun 2014

I've always wondered how people come up with the names they use on sites and this gives a good insight for some of you..... Mine is simply my first name and initials of my last names and I've been lucky to find my 'dollygk' available on every site I sign into so that any site on the internet with this username is probably me!!

by katydid 31 May 2014

This has been a trip down memory lane. I just loved it!! I know we had this topic come up a few years back and for those of you that have been here for a while may already know my answer. My name is Kay and I use katydid because my Dad called me that as a child. No one other than my Dad has called me katydid; however in the 1970's my handle on the CB radio was katydid. Do any of you remember talking to the truckers while traveling and locating the "Smokey's" ? This was before cell phones and we stopped and bought many truckers a cup of coffee when we traveled from Savannah,GA. to East Tennessee.

catwoman123 by catwoman123 01 Jun 2014

My Dad called me that too.When i joined you already had it so i used catwoman ,my sisters call me Cat as my name is Catherine.

katydid by katydid 01 Jun 2014

Sorry I took your name. I am katydid2 on several sites as katydid was gone. Catwoman lets me you love cats. I do also. Kay

Patricia109 by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014

I don't fit my CB radio name anymore - put on a lot of weight. Little Mumma just isn't me anymore and I wasn't going to use Big Mumma as that was my girlfriend's call sign on the CB. Oh the day's of travelling and chatting with the truckies.

by jrob Moderator 31 May 2014

I just flat stole mine! It was my son's nickname all through school.

katydid by katydid 01 Jun 2014

Is your son still jrob?

jrob by jrob edited 04 Jun 2014

Yes he is, to his friends.

by chenille 31 May 2014

Love this type of question. It gives us a little more insight as to our "cute family". For me , it is quite simple...our last (latest) dog ( a standard poodle, our third ). .we named Chenille. She just felt so soft and when she was groomed just felt like a chenille blanket. Hence the name Chenille. She is truly my "wild child" !

by ribblev 31 May 2014

Mine is the area we left 50 years ago to migrate to beautiful Australia.
The Ribble Valley had some beautiful spots but beautiful scenery did not pay the bills. We were 10 pound Pomms Both sides of our families still live there so there is a sentimental attatchment. We have never regretted the move, our children have thrived and all our grandchildren are wonderful, caring young people. I count my blessings daily......Ann

by cj2sew 31 May 2014

When I first go a computer the account was @home. Well I loved to sew and therefore used my initials cj2sew@home. Something I wanted to do more of when I retired from teaching. Sounded good but of course we changed internet providers a few years later.
Love this question - the cuties are also a very imaginative and creative group. Love this website. Thank you for all the efforts of making it a great place to come to for answers and support.

by clintonmiss22 31 May 2014

I live in Clinton, Mississippi. I don't know where the 22 came from - something I needed to add at work, I think.

by sqdancer 31 May 2014

Quite easy I'm a square dancer ... enjoying reading all the replies ... thanks for asking the question airyfairy....

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by shirley124 edited 31 May 2014

Great question. Love all the explanations. I am just plain old me.
S for Shirley, A for Anne, and my surname. When I joined I did not realise I could use any other sort of name. I would love to change it, but have not as yet come up with a name.

by jid53 31 May 2014

When I was little my brother couldnt say Jill and called me Jid as did my Pop and it has stuck ever since

by draco 31 May 2014

I'm fascinated with Dragons. The fierce ones are my favorite.

by flowers1 31 May 2014

I love flowers--I'm a floral designer and own a flower shop,. So . . . I'm the 1 (one) with the flowers!

draco by draco 31 May 2014

Welcome to Cute !!!!!

asterixsew by asterixsew 31 May 2014

welcome to Cute and what a great name

pennifold by pennifold 01 Jun 2014

Welcome to this great site flowers1 - I love flowers and my husband buys me a couple of bunches every week. Love Chris

airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

Thank you for joining in and Welcome to this amazing site. Sarah (South Africa)

flowers1 by flowers1 01 Jun 2014

Thanks, all! I've actually been here for a while (kind of around the edges, lol) and love the talent and affection you all share with one another. Guess I've been uncharacteristically quiet--learning from you and about this site. I can't digitize, so don't feel I have as much to contribute as the rest of you. What a sweet hubby you have, Chris! Patty (in Kansas).

rescuer by rescuer 05 Jun 2014

We all contribute in our own way. I look forward to you being more involved -- welcome to the Cute family!

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 May 2014

Well I love all kinds of crafts hence the crafter. The rest is the day and year of my birth. So now I can never hide my age. Ha, ha

airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

You have certainly let the cat out of the bag Angie!!!

marianb by marianb 01 Jun 2014

You mean your only 22yrs old don't

crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Jun 2014

Of course. Well........maybe not. Would not want to relive some events.

by decojo 31 May 2014

When I needed a name, I couldn't come up with anything, so I looked over at my Bernina Deco and used the word deco. My name is Joyce and my last name starts with an O. So I just stuck deco and jo together. There have been times I wanted to change it, but didn't know how. I have enjoyed reading everyone's post.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

It is a wonderful name. I also have a Bernina Deco.

by aussiequilter 31 May 2014

great question ,,,, I guess mine is pretty obvious aussie quilter ,I live in Australia and am slightly obsessed with quilting ,well sewing of all kinds really


by pennifold 31 May 2014

Dear Sarah,

Well mine is the easiest and most obvious of all - Pennifold is my last name - not very inventive I'm afraid.

I think if I was to choose a new AVATAR NAME it would be 'soldier', because that's what Trev calls me - as I soldier on come what may.

Thanks for the question Sarah, it's great to know some of the meanings behind the names.

Love Chris

by ajmmjs 31 May 2014

this is such a neat question! i have really enjoyed the answers everyone has given for their user names. mine started with our first computer that had to have a user name.aj is for action jaction,my husbands nick is for our grandaughter that we raised,and js is for our last daughter,only a year older than our granddaughter,jaclyn shyler. i have noticed that most of us name ourselves after those we love and not ourselves! i think that means we are an unselfish group of people.thankyou for the opportunity to be involved. sincerely, lynne

by rosakent 31 May 2014

My mother was Rosa Kent before she married, she died when I was 4 and she was 40 and I'm coming up for my 72nd birthday so I have been a long time without her. She loved sewing so I take after her. I also have a rose in the garden called Rosa Kent - I like to keep her memory alive. Jo

graceandham by graceandham 31 May 2014

There are two lovely daylilies - Kent's Favorite (a fabulous red) and Kent's Favorite Two (forgot color- lost it in a move) that you might want in your yard someday.

rosakent by rosakent 01 Jun 2014

Thank you, I'll look out for them, I do like daylilies, Jo

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by pldc edited 31 May 2014

Sarah this is a Terrific question, thank you for asking & thank you cuties for the responses very interesting! I am pldc but I go by Loralye because I really like Loralie Designs & thought it was spelt with a Y & not an i LOL

by dee 31 May 2014

After I got out of High school I told everyone to call me dee. I always had to spell my first name 'Damaris.' . It is found one place in the Bible. Acts 17 verse 34.

clintonmiss22 by clintonmiss22 31 May 2014

I like your name, but I understand the frustration of always having to spell it. My dad always had to do that, too!

camylow by camylow 01 Jun 2014

U get that...everyone calls me Dianna..Hello people..I dont have an I in my i shorten to Dee also...

dee by dee 01 Jun 2014

Everyone wants to spell mine with an 'e' now. I didn't want to go by 'Da" so I said 'Dee'

by gerryb 31 May 2014

I'm the other Gerry! The B is also first letter in my last name. No "Van" so you can tell us apart! :-)

rescuer by rescuer 31 May 2014

We just need a voice recording of the two of you -- then the different accents will give you both away. ;)

gerryvb by gerryvb 01 Jun 2014

the avatars are different too :)

rescuer by rescuer 01 Jun 2014

Thank goodness for that Gerry or in the late night hours when I can't sleep but I am not really awake and I am online -- I could get very confused!

by gerryvb 31 May 2014

My name is Gerry and vb : v=van and b is the first letter of my last name.
* 4u all :)

by momofeight 31 May 2014

I am a mom of 8 7daughters and 1 son and they are all gone out of the house. We have 19 grandkids and 5 great grand kids

sewdoctor by sewdoctor edited 31 May 2014

I have 7 sisters and one brother.....great growing up like that!

rescuer by rescuer 31 May 2014

I am one of nine (plus a few foster children) LOVED it!

airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

Lucky you - I am the only one.

jeanfoz by jeanfoz 01 Jun 2014

I am one of nine also, Middle one, 6 girls & 3 boys, xx

Patricia109 by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014

I am one of ten, but grew up in a family of three.

by sewdoctor 31 May 2014

Mine is just wordplay on my last name, and my obsession! hence,,
sewdoctor.......(last name is Doctor not

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Patricia109 by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014


by rescuer Moderator 31 May 2014

Mine is a nickname from my husband -- I have no idea why. lol
Actually, he gave it to me because I rescue animals and people -- mostly children. He will often tease me about it too.

airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

It really suits you.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014

I thought it was because you rescue us here at Cute...

by basketkase 31 May 2014

What a wonderful question and so interesting to read everyone's answer!! After a head injury I went from a financial admin to a creative side....when I first started out I did gift baskets, and thus the name Basketkase, which I am registered in my city under....when I changed my creative media to fabric the name stuck, as it really fits me!!

graceandham by graceandham 31 May 2014

Had a co-worker who was post-brain injury (driving drunk) who I thought was a witch on wheels, but everyone told me they liked the new X.X. because she was so much "softer, gentler, kinder" than the old X.X. It didn't bring out her creative side - she wore some combination of black and ___ 5 days per week. Usually white or purple. She said everything in her closet went with everything else.

basketkase by basketkase 31 May 2014

It is amazing what a jostle of the brain can give and take away!

by graceandham 31 May 2014

Grace and Hamlet, Prince of Marietta, Roswell and all Lower Alabama were two treasured cats. Can you tell which one was the favorite? Actually Hammie started out just H., Pr. of M., but I kept moving!

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gerryb by gerryb 31 May 2014

My hubby grew up in Marietta!

by oldtimer992005 31 May 2014

hi there, mine is oldtimer cause that is what i am. i grow up without any electric or running water.we had an old radio run by battery, carried my lunch in a lard pail. house was a log house with clay and whitewashed. no toys. we made our own games up.canned our own food. sewed own clothes. used the old outhouse.had a couple of dogs and cats for pets.grow up on farm. we were poor,still am.

graceandham by graceandham 31 May 2014

I read somewhere recently: Do you know there are people poorer than you who are happier? Does it bother you?

oldtimer992005 by oldtimer992005 31 May 2014

no it does not bother me.i am happy just being me. thank you.

rescuer by rescuer 31 May 2014

I was very happy as a child living in very similar circumstances -- outhouse and all.

by vlh 31 May 2014

wonderful Question, I just used my initials, if I'd known I was going to "live" here, I would have been more creative, I wish i could change it. I am Vanessa

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airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

Hi Vanessa - great to have you with us.

by zoefzoef 31 May 2014

Zoefzoef is the name of my dear rabbit; but he passed away this year. his name was 'cos she always ran so far through our garden. "zoef" is more or less the name of the quick sound she made when running

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 31 May 2014

thank you Sarah for this qestion.. I was sometimes wondering the same.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014

Zoefzoef, we call our cats zoomzoom because they zoom through the house so fast. Know the feeling.

by noah 31 May 2014

Mine is my first Grandsons name who was born on my birthday 13 years ago :):)

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justsew by justsew 31 May 2014

It is a lovely name,

by elemausi 31 May 2014

I taked the names from the animals I like the most and I hate the most.
I like elephants and I hate mouses. As I was a child, my friends called me Mausi, if they want me to tease.

by gramsbear 31 May 2014

Mine came from my GD, She called me that because she said I "was sweet as a graham cracker and as lovable as a teddy bear" Sooo, "Gramsbear" Hahaha!!! It has stuck...

graceandham by graceandham 31 May 2014

That's precious.

Leaha by Leaha 31 May 2014

From the mouths of babes... :-}

by anssmile 31 May 2014

I had an unpronouncable maiden name. I always had to spell it out every where I went. Then I got married to a guy with another unpronouncable surname. And people could twist it around to mean rude things. I once again had to spell it out every where, and had to listen to jokes in bad taste regarding it.

I also got tired of being a blank space. For example if I made an appointment at the hairdresser, and I arrived for it, they would look at me blankly when I give my name, then look at the appointment book. My appointment was invariable just a blank space.

So when I got divorced, I wanted a surname that everybody can spell, and nobody can take exception to. So I came up with "Smile". The only problem was my son said he will "disown" me if I change me surname to that.

So legally I still have an unpronouncable surname, but everywhere else I am ans smile...

pldc by pldc 31 May 2014

Do what makes you happiest! Anneliese I think that your first name is beautiful! ~hugs~

ajmmjs by ajmmjs 31 May 2014

i second that!

anssmile by anssmile 31 May 2014

Thank you very much. I married into a family that gives nick names to everybody. I refused to answer to anything but my full name. It took me a while, but I managed to keep my name!

But a user name on a computer is something else. I dislike signing in with a long name (all that typing!) so I use ans as a username (short and easy to type) where I can.

by mops Moderator 31 May 2014

Used my first initial followed by the first 3 letters of my (husband's) surname, but made a typo, so it is mops instead of the intended mpos.

gerryb by gerryb 31 May 2014

Love it! I double we'd have remembered the mpos as easily as mops!

Leaha by Leaha 31 May 2014

Thank heaven for typos. :-}

airyfairy by airyfairy 01 Jun 2014

Mops is by far nicer than mpos. LOL.

mops by mops 01 Jun 2014

But I am mpos on YouEmbroidery.

rescuer by rescuer 01 Jun 2014

When I first saw it on YouEmbroidery, I thought that one was the typo. It was quite some time before I knew otherwise.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014

Thanks for the laugh over the typo, but MOPS is much nicer.

by grandmamek 31 May 2014

Mine is obvious. Grandma because I have 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. mek are my initials.

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Patricia109 by Patricia109 06 Jun 2014

Cute! & sensible.

by pcteddyb 31 May 2014

I like "pc" (computers) and teddy bears (I make them too) so pcteddyb was born!

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anssmile by anssmile 31 May 2014


by queenofhearts 31 May 2014

Queen of Hearts is my Red Hat Society name which was chosen because Valentine is my real last name.

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pldc by pldc 31 May 2014

very cool

by 02kar Moderator 31 May 2014

I retired in 02 from teaching Special Eduction. I loved teaching but I still have a lot of living to to do.

by lilylady 31 May 2014

my first love is my gardens and the flower I love most is the day lily, so lilylady it is.

by asterixsew Moderator 31 May 2014

Asterix was a dearly beloved cat who sadly is no more. Sewing is something I do (sometimes) hence Asterixsew.

by my3chis 31 May 2014

I use my3chis for my Chihuahuas, I had 3 before our lovely Daisy passed.

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zoefzoef by zoefzoef 31 May 2014

I have 2 chi's too ! they just went to the hairdresser today .one because he has long hair. The other one not...but I can't make differences between my 2 "kids"