by babash 20 May 2014

Have been busy making Baby Bibs. Going to be a Grandmother again later in the year.Don't know what it will be yet. Playing around with different ideas. These are reversible with towelling inside.

Thanks for looking


by Leaha 23 May 2014

Wish I'd had this pattern earlier, these are really cute and would be more useful then what I did. Live and learn. The designs are really cute. :)

by gerryvb 23 May 2014

wow, they are adorable !!

by noah 23 May 2014

very cute for sure hugs

by jussyc 23 May 2014

Congrats Glam-Ma, your reversible bibs are adorable :)

by arlene 22 May 2014

Love them all.

by lenamae 22 May 2014

very nice love the fabric

by yvonnevanwerkhoven 22 May 2014

Very classic

by pennifold 22 May 2014

These are just gorgeous Babs! Love them, and I'm sure the baby will look really cute too! Love Chris

by airyfairy 22 May 2014

Love the shape of these bibs. Great job. Congratulations on being a grand mother again.

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babash by babash 22 May 2014

Thank you

by vickiannette 21 May 2014

they will lovely on your new grandie.

by babash 21 May 2014

The pattern for the bib was from a web site with lots of free patterns it was 1950's style I tweaked it a bit to suit me.
The designs are from annthe gran all free ones. Good to get feed back as sometimes I get carried away with my imagination.
I will try to put the link in not real good at that bit yet.

jballoyd by jballoyd 22 May 2014

which pattern did you use as your base idea? There are so many! the Bapron is cute........

jballoyd by jballoyd 22 May 2014

found it! Fabulous 50's bib.... thank you so much - I have a daycare and will be making PLENTY of these!!!

by blueeyedblonde 21 May 2014

love them!

by decojo 21 May 2014

They are adorable. It is a very nice collection. Great job!

by radmom 21 May 2014

I like this style of bib! All of them look so nice! Good job!

by sonpot 21 May 2014

These are so cute!!!Adorable..

by 8304307 21 May 2014

Cute cute!!!

by sdrise 21 May 2014

Very Cute!! Suzanne

by lilylady 21 May 2014

Sew cute! congrats! Are the designs or bibs at annthegrand, couldn't find?

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babash by babash 21 May 2014

Just the desins from annthe gran free ones.

by gwillmann 21 May 2014

These are adorable, great job!

by maggiecal 21 May 2014

These are wonderful - nice size too.

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babash by babash 21 May 2014

Thanks for about 3 months old I would say.

by anssmile 21 May 2014

This is so pretty and sweet! Well done.

by susan 21 May 2014

how adorable! I am going to be a GRT GRANDMA in the fall.......may I ask where the pattern came from?

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babash by babash 21 May 2014

I have put a link hope you can find something to suit you.

by harleysville 21 May 2014

I just love these. So bright and cheerful. Well done.

by lidiad 21 May 2014

They are all beautiful, well done!
Hugs, Lidia

by pldc 21 May 2014

Congratulations & these are wonderful bibs! ~hugs~

by dragonflyer 21 May 2014

Nice these...Is it your own pattern or?

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babash by babash 21 May 2014

no just changed it to suit the fabric I had.

by basketkase 21 May 2014

Congrats on the upcoming GC and your bibs are darling!

by Dupsilly 21 May 2014

Oh wow these are so cute thanks for showing, I also bought this bib pattern from betty's embroidery if i'm correct the designer for the bib is Sandra Wheeler - will have to make some bibs soon hopefully lol


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babash by babash 21 May 2014

I didn't buy this pattern it was a free onejust changed it around. I have put a link up for you.

by stella1 21 May 2014

Very nice and so sweet and cutie. designs is lovely

by justsew 21 May 2014

very nice, stitched out to perfection.
Hugs Pam.

by sandralochran 21 May 2014

All great

by nonna57 21 May 2014

These are so cute. Congrats on another G/C. Very clever reversible and love the colours and designs . How many grand will this little one be? Pauline

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babash by babash 21 May 2014

7 including a new little 7 year old darling. My son has remarried and we not only got a wonderful new daughter in law but the sweetest new grand daughter to boot.

by mariahail 21 May 2014

Super nice... I will like to get the pattern...can you please pm? thanks.

Dupsilly by Dupsilly edited 21 May 2014

Hope I get this right, have a simular bib pattern - go to http://www.bettysoriginalembroide... and if you get onto this page then on top of the page there are labels the first one reads home page and the second are projects just click on there and go down the projects i think

by highlandermom 21 May 2014

These are great