by toet 19 May 2014

Hello cuties my daughter has requested for me to make patchwork mink bed quilts for my grandsons. She wants them soft like baby blankets. I am not sure if they can be sandwiched together so thinking about quilt as you go. Maybe cotton on the front and mink backing. Any suggestion's will be appreciated. thankyou for any help,hugs


by marianb 27 May 2014

I tried to use Minky on the back of a quilt once, I found even trying to join two peices together dificult (it streached out of shape) so gave up there has to a way to do this... So thank you for asking the Cuties for advise maybe I can learn how to as well. Good luck and please keep us posted very interested in your results.. Marian

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toet by toet edited 27 May 2014

Thankyou Marian, you made me laugh, I could see myself with lots of blocks in a muddle. Hopefully I shall have success. My motto now is 'that my cup is half full not half empty' There was a quilting move I watched once, where all the ladies that worked the quilt told tales of their village. No mater the outcome my grandsons will love it, because nana made it, hugs Heather

by toet 27 May 2014

SO SORRY, that I did not reply till now I have had side effects from the radiation therapy. Thankyou so much for taking the time to answer my question. hugs Heather

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toet by toet 27 May 2014

Whoops did not mean to sound gloomy, I am much better now. Hugs

by pcteddyb 19 May 2014

I use flannel on the top and minky on the back for taggie blankets. I just put the piece of minky right side together with the flannel (that has the embroidery on it) pin, pin, pin, and sew leaving a hole to turn. Then I use my walking foot and stitch in the ditch through the whole thing. I have used batting in the taggies - but not sure you would need it for the quilt.

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toet by toet 27 May 2014

thankyou, That makes sense to me, our winters are not very cold so will leave out the batting. hugs

by pennifold 19 May 2014

Hi Heather, a big hint use a Ball Point needle with Minky fabric. You can also stop the stretch during the hooping process by pressing a fusible polymesh (permanent cut-away) to the wrong side of the design area. Most of the iron on fusibles only need a low iron temp so harm to the Minky is minimal. I'd also put some on top too. I don't think you'd need to put a batting/wadding in the quilts. Love Chris

toet by toet 27 May 2014

Thankyou Chris, I have bought a roll of fusible polymesh This stabiliser is new for me, and I will use ballpoint needles. I hope your family is well and happy. hugs Heather

pennifold by pennifold 28 May 2014

Hi Heather, thanks for the well wishes for the family. All are well. I got a gorgeous picture of baby Chase on Monday and he is the spitting image of his brother Cooper. These two boys are Ben's sons. Both boys look like Ben as a baby - it's amazing how family traits run in families! Love Chris

by lilylady 19 May 2014

A lady here makes them all the time. She quilts the top and puts minky on the back. She does not put in a batting. minky is very stretching so you need to pin, pin, pin. Can be done. good luck! I made one for a GGD and it turned out fine. I did cotton Minnie mouse top,satin ruffle edge and minky on back. Turned out great!

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toet by toet 27 May 2014

I will remember to pin pin pin thankyou for you help. hugs Heather