by maggiecal 18 May 2014

Folks in the U.S. are gearing up for Relay for Life cancer fundraisers. My sister has a team each year and I've sent her a bunch of FSL to sell, add to her donation baskets or give to her team. Teal is for ovarian cancer, gold childhood cancers, pink for breast cancer. The four ribbons are from Embroidery Library, The ribbon with wings from Stitch Delight and the earring charms (both sizes) and bookmark are free at Criswell. This was my "sample set" - "tell me what you want in what colors and I'll make more" :-)


by arlene 19 May 2014

great job. love them all. what a great fundraiser.

by CraftySharon 19 May 2014

This is a great fund raiser, I have had teams in this relay before and think it your ribbons are a nice way to raise money, well done. Keep up the good work!

by highlandermom 18 May 2014

Well done

by maggiecal 18 May 2014

Thanks All! Every one of them stitched like a dream. Here is the Stitch Delight link. My sister's team adds all sales on their table to the team donation amount. This is one of her fave causes (we're both also into Red Cross as well). Love the variegated teal - it is so hard to find good teal thread as mint green ribbons mean something else and turquoise ribbons mean something else (and teal and white striped mean something else and we hear teal and green mean something yet again- arrrghh ). The folks walking like to be able to adorn their survivor sash with something that identifies their cause - and the non-pink folks all get lumped into "Other" (I think I posted the "Other" with checkbox tshirt last year :-)

by pldc 18 May 2014

wow just lovely, Teal & Green together are Brain Injury so a lovely idea thanks for sharing. ~hugs~

by devon 18 May 2014

WOW great job on all

by decojo 18 May 2014

Very nicely done! Great choices on designs and colors! I love the ribbon with wings and the teal color.

by means 18 May 2014

Wonderful of you to use you talent in this way...Love the use of the variegated thread..

by aleene 18 May 2014

Good Project, great job. Good cause

by deequilts 18 May 2014

What a wonderful project - I hope it help raise many $$$. I have stitched the Winged one for Christmas Decorations but only in White and Pink. The Teal is so beautiful. Dee

by noah edited 18 May 2014

excellent job i love the one with wings.I would love to embroidery it,will go check stitch delight hugs