by jasanne 15 Jun 2008

Does anyone know how the embroidery top voting works? I vote every day, usually several times just to see what happens, but the number beside cute never seems to change,


by minnieb 15 Jun 2008

I think only one vote a day works and it changes the number as we enter the site

by ezzemml 15 Jun 2008

It is better to vote same time every day as a day is 24 hours and you cold miss the vote if it is earlier than your last vote.

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ezzemml by ezzemml 15 Jun 2008

Hey i need the spellcheck

by shirlener88 15 Jun 2008

jasanne, they only count one of your votes - the first one and it is every day - so vote each day - just as you have - in the past - it does help - we need to get people that come to accept the free designs to vote for CUTE so if you know anyone that does that - explain how they can help and it might change the vote.

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colonies1 by colonies1 15 Jun 2008

I vote every day............*4U

by jasanne 15 Jun 2008

...more.. it changes the next day but I don't know if my votes are counted or not.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Jun 2008

ttt - *4U2