by kylasm 02 May 2014

Puppets & dinosaur for my nephew from DBC. He chose all the colors himself and asked for a C on his puppet so everybody would know it was him :-) We are making more this weekend...mouse, chick and rabbit are on his request list.


by sonjapotgieter 04 May 2014

They are all very cute...Gorgeous

by gerryvb 03 May 2014

great! and nephew looks happy with the dino :)

by pldc 03 May 2014

Well done. ~hugs~

by cfidl 03 May 2014

I don't remember the dinosaur! Very Cute!

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kylasm by kylasm 03 May 2014

The dino was a stuffie complete with spikes down his back for a larger hoop. I only have a 4x4 so I shrunk it so it fit my 4x4 on a diagonal and stitched it on felt without the spikes down his back.

by quiltingcat 03 May 2014

I love this but don't see the design on the site. Where I can I buy the design. Cathy

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spendlove by spendlove 03 May 2014

The designs were in Designs by Cuties and they are unavailable during the maintenance.

by decojo 03 May 2014

very cute!

by sewilso 03 May 2014

He is so cute and so are your puppets!

by anssmile 03 May 2014

Very cute!

by blueeyedblonde 02 May 2014

very cute!

by shirley124 02 May 2014

Well done to you both. He will have hours of fun with these. Shirley

by highlandermom 02 May 2014

Very cute and loads of fun.Handsome nephew.

by jrob Moderator 02 May 2014

He will have enough to put on a Puppet Show! He's got beautiful big eyes~

by noah 02 May 2014

ahhhhhhhhhh cute wee boy .your designs are lovely hugs

by yvh 02 May 2014

Those are cute - especially love the elephant.

by oaro 02 May 2014

they cute