by fleabag 27 Apr 2014

I ❤️ looking at Cuties projects and being SO inspired by everyone's creativity and hard work! Well done to all the cuties ..... Thanks for all the encouragement


by Leaha 27 Apr 2014

Everyone is so very talented here, ideas seem to come from everywhere. It's so much fun to look and think about how this or that is done or how you might adapt it to fix a problem or stumbling block you might have. This is the BEST site ever!!!!! :) Thank you for sharing.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Apr 2014

Isn't it fun! And interesting how I would rather see the projects of other cuties and hardly ever post my own. I guess some day I will have to learn to use a camera.

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anssmile by anssmile 27 Apr 2014

Well, yeah, first I have to find mine, it was accidentally put in storage with the rest of the stuff when we moved from a big house to an apartment...

by bevintex 27 Apr 2014

It is amazing to see what Cuties are making from day to day, there is so talent here and I often see something and think Oh I must make one of those. .