by mariahail 25 Apr 2014

finally got the yoriko's membership, anybody here know how long do we have to wait to download? seems like it is going to be very difficult to download, but will have to try, I like her designs and her fsl designs are great....thanks for helping me with this question....


by lidiad 26 Apr 2014

Enjoy yourself!
Hugs, Lidia

by 02kar Moderator 26 Apr 2014

DLing is not difficult. It does take some time to do all of her wonderful designs. I did a section at a time, a page at a time organizing as I went. Marianb is right. Take your time. I like Yoriko's way of organizing the designs and used it rather than make up one of my own. So dive in and have fun. I love her designs too and wish every cutie could afford to get a membership with her. BTW, I DLed her designs onto a backup Thumb drive and used the design on the thumb drive to put into my organizing software. So I backed up the designs as I DLed. I hope this makes sense.

by marianb 26 Apr 2014

Tip don't overload your cart it makes downloading them slow as you have to find your format on some. I alway do a cart print out of what I am buying and mark them off as they are downloaded, it also acts as a index for when your looking for something you know if you have it or not...

by spendlove Moderator 26 Apr 2014

Just remember that, unlike here, you need to out the designs in the cart and select the member's option later in the process.

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by bevintex edited 25 Apr 2014

I just want to add that you will never have any trouble at Yoriko's site. She knows how customers should be treated. If you ever have a problem it will be taken care of.

by manami 25 Apr 2014

Dear Maria,
Your membership is active. You can download the designs by adding them to the cart. Any problem, just let me know. Hugs, Yoriko

by hightechgrammy 25 Apr 2014

It seems like it is just as soon as she knows you bought the membership! You are going to have so much fun downloading them all! Be sure to set up your folders so you can find them all later. I LOVE the little FSL insects and I add them to lots of things I make. I use lots of designs, but I find myself going back again and again to her ladybugs, bees and lightning bugs!