by askmcv 19 Apr 2014

Look what I got in yesterday's mail...part two of my Christmas gift!!! What a beautiful surprise.

It is a wonderful 'mug rug' done in heirloom sewing. I just love it. Thank you so much, 'Secret Santa'.


by pldc 26 Apr 2014

wow this is lovely! ~hugs~

by Patricia103 24 Apr 2014

Definitely for use! How to make a person feel special with just a cuppa.
Love the colours used here.

by Leaha 24 Apr 2014

How lovely this is! I'm so glad the person SS released the location of this beauty. I've looked at it and was surprised at how much difference the colors make. I didn't recognize the design. :) Thank for sharing both the little mat and the design location.

by dilceia 24 Apr 2014

Beautiful !!!!!

by anssmile 23 Apr 2014

What an absolutely divine design. And the site from where this comes from, have a lot more lovely designs. Sigh, wish I had lots of money to spend on designs...

You are such a lucky girl, enjoy it! I won't use it, too scared to spill something on it, I would put it somewhere safe and prominent where I can look at it a lot!


by hightechgrammy 22 Apr 2014

This is soooo unique and gorgeous! WOW!

by bowlds 22 Apr 2014

Very nice!

by susiesembroidery 22 Apr 2014

Really lovely!!

by spendlove Moderator 22 Apr 2014

I've been in touch with SS - the design is from Advanced Embroidery.

dennis999 by dennis999 22 Apr 2014

Thank you Sue on two counts:
1. For your sterling SS work and tracing this design, and
2. For establishing that I do need to visit the opticians as I looked at that very design BEFORE posting my earlier message...................I know, I know..............

sllakin by sllakin 22 Apr 2014

How wonderful! Thank you, Sue, for doing a wonderful job in locating this design! You hCpve made any folks very happy!!!!

dennis999 by dennis999 22 Apr 2014

She's a good girl really...........

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 23 Apr 2014

and to think they just finished a 30 per cent off Sale a couple of days ago...Great work Sue for posting this link.

anssmile by anssmile 23 Apr 2014

Thank you for finding it, and taking the time to search for it. And this site has lots of other beautiful designs, too! I have not stitched out lace designs yet, but this one makes my fingers itch...

by dennis999 22 Apr 2014

MESSAGE FOR SECRET SANTA: Come out, come out, wherever you are! Perhaps you could PM the link for this design to the High Elfess (aka: Secret Santa Organizer) so as to maintain your anonimity. I have looked on numerous sites but cannot find this specific design. Thank you.

noah by noah 22 Apr 2014

I have looked for days please help us :):)

spendlove by spendlove 22 Apr 2014

I sent the SS a message this morning, but the time difference delayed the reply!

noah by noah 22 Apr 2014

ok thanks Sue huggers

by dragonflyer 22 Apr 2014

I love this...if anyone knows where this design is from, will you please send me a is beautiful...I am hoping her Secret Santa sees this!!!

asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Apr 2014

You could always PM SueD to see if she still has her ss list

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22 Apr 2014

Hmmm, I didn't know she would divulge this information...

by christracey 22 Apr 2014

Oh no don't spill your cuppa on such a lovely design...ggg This is a beautiful gift, well done to you both. I wonder who's design it is?

by shirley124 21 Apr 2014

Very, very nice.

by lenamae 20 Apr 2014

this is beautiful

by kezza2sew 20 Apr 2014

you are very lucky to receive this, my goodness mail was soooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww though....

by spendlove Moderator 20 Apr 2014

This is really beautiful!

by carmela 19 Apr 2014

Very Beautiful!

by sewilso 19 Apr 2014

That is so nice, thanks for sharing!

by graceandham 19 Apr 2014

Oooh la la. Fa la la.

by toogie 19 Apr 2014

I need to get in on this "secret santa" stuff or send someone my address.-lol This is beautiful

by sllakin 19 Apr 2014

Just Beautiful and well worth the wait! Does anyone know where this design is from? Hope we can find it as it would go so well with some dishes I have.

by Leaha 19 Apr 2014

Wow, this is gorgeous. Hope the rest of your surprises are as fantastic. Merry Christmas. Boy it;s weird to be saying that, when springtime is just starting here. :) Leaha

by dennis999 19 Apr 2014

This is a lovely piece of work. No wonder you're pleased.

by laffma1 19 Apr 2014

Wow - that is gorgeous! It really was worth the long wait.

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Apr 2014

Ooohhhhh! Lucky you. This is gorgeous.

by dailylaundry 19 Apr 2014

How absolutely beautiful!!! Well done, SS!!!!! Hugs, Laura*

by gerryvb 19 Apr 2014

beautiful indeed !!

by cfidl 19 Apr 2014


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by noah edited 19 Apr 2014

I wonder who's design this beauty is???It is lovely:):)Merry Christmas :):)

by decojo 19 Apr 2014

Absolutely beautiful!

by jrob Moderator 19 Apr 2014

That was certainly worth the wait! It's very pretty.

by lidiad 19 Apr 2014

That's beautiful! I would use it as a doily. Well done SS!
Hugs, Lidia

by dragonflyer 19 Apr 2014

Stunning is the word that comes to mind... just STUNNING.

by suelyn7 19 Apr 2014

Wow that is beautiful too nice to put a mug on lol.

1 comment
askmcv by askmcv 19 Apr 2014

I agree...maybe a fancy tea cup???