by radmom 15 Apr 2014

3 Little Piggies for Easter! The two bigger pigs are for the older cousins. They have a magnet in their snouts so they can kiss hello. The little one is from a Cutie, and I added a rattle inside it. That is for the newest niece that was born a month ago.


by lidiad 17 Apr 2014

They are lovely!
Hugs, Lidia

by sewilso 16 Apr 2014

Nice pigs!

by dennis999 16 Apr 2014

They are wonderful. Would you mind if I borrowed your magnet idea, only I'd like to try that on my

jrob by jrob 16 Apr 2014

LOL....You'd better mind what you write here. I'm sure your darling wife has computer access!

radmom by radmom 16 Apr 2014


by fleabag 16 Apr 2014

I love the kissing piggies. Do you remember where you got the pattern from? I would love to make for a friend of mine. Many thanks

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radmom by radmom 16 Apr 2014
It's sewing and a little hand embroidery. I added the girls' initials on the heart with one of the many fonts I have. The magnet in the snout was my daughter's idea. They're the strong magnets to attract thru the terry cloth.

by bevintex edited 16 Apr 2014

It;s a design from a Cutie named fennyz,she has a shop on Etsy and maybe if you send her a pm-private message she could help you with this piggy. Or contact her through her Etsy site

by Dupsilly 16 Apr 2014

really so cute could you maybe tell me where to find the little piggy rattle - I have no idea where to start looking maybe if we could search it, it would have helped but I have no idea where to begin would appreciate your help

Thx Magda

mops by mops 16 Apr 2014

I think the little piggy was in Designs by Cuties and that is still under maintenace, alas.

Dupsilly by Dupsilly 16 Apr 2014

oh yeah, okay so I will download piggy when the site is up thx

radmom by radmom 16 Apr 2014

The little piggy was in Designs by Cuties July 2013.

by noah 15 Apr 2014

love them great job hugs

by pldc 15 Apr 2014

Very cute! ~hugs~

by highlandermom 15 Apr 2014

Very cute

by sonjapotgieter 15 Apr 2014

So very much cute...Great

by basketkase 15 Apr 2014

Cute, Cute, and Cute........great job!

by decojo 15 Apr 2014

very cute!

by cfidl 15 Apr 2014

Excellent piggies. The kissing ones are so cute!

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radmom by radmom 15 Apr 2014

Thank you! That was my daughter's idea, so I went with it.

by 02kar Moderator 15 Apr 2014

These are so cute