by Janus48 14 Apr 2014

I have an Easter Bonnet design on EmbLibrary on Tuesday the 15th. I used a dollar store hat so it's inexpensive to make. Hope you enjoy it


by jen15957 16 Apr 2014

What a lovely idea.

by rachap 15 Apr 2014

Congradulations on being features. Had a look and it is really a cute idea. Will try to remember your lace hint, so easy but so helpful.

by decojo 15 Apr 2014

very pretty!

by Leaha 15 Apr 2014

You are all ready for Easter with your new bonnet and I love the tip on how to make your own colored lace, thank you for sharing and I'll have to try this. :) Happy Easter to you and yours.

by gerryvb 15 Apr 2014

it's so cute, great job!!

by toogie 15 Apr 2014

Click on stitchers showcase and easter hat decorations,I believe is Jans work.Looks fab!-Hope you didn't mind,I added a link .

by Janus48 15 Apr 2014

A little secret technique....If you want the colored eyelet lace. Get some acrylic paint...pour a small dab on a scrap of felt. Fold the felt in half so the paint absorbs into the fibers making it like an "ink pad" Using a nice new pencil eraser...dab the paint and then an eye of the lace. Put a paper towel underneath. Practice first. Let it dry...and then iron it to heat set if you want it to be washable. It's a great way to make your own colored trim for projects. I've been doing this for years and people always ask where I get that colored lace.

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debswebster by debswebster 15 Apr 2014

That's an excellent idea!!

by tilde01 15 Apr 2014

Thanks for sharing. It is very cute.

by jrob Moderator 15 Apr 2014

Great job! It's totally Cute!

by lulu07 15 Apr 2014

Great job! Always great to see your work showcased at Emblibrary....congrats!

by airyfairy 15 Apr 2014

Congratulations to you.

by marianb 15 Apr 2014

Congratulations, will look for it!

by cfidl 14 Apr 2014

Excellent, I look forward to seeing it!

by bevintex 14 Apr 2014

Can't wait to see it.