by newrecruit 03 Apr 2014

Sister Sue said it was about time I showed some of my projects (I am only a beginner).

Thank you all for the inspiration.


by noah 06 Apr 2014

Well so happy you listened to her .Tell her thanks and KEEP IT UP:):)hugs Carolyn

by rescuer Moderator 06 Apr 2014

Well done!
Your sister is absolutely right!

by hagridsmom 06 Apr 2014

look pretty darn good to me! Good for you and welcome to the "secret society of mad embroiderer's". We don't have a hand shake but probably have threads on us somewhere. They all look darling but the little stuffed bunny is definitely looking to be adopted isn't he? So cute!!

by buffy1 04 Apr 2014

great work!

by Michelleg 04 Apr 2014

lovely im new to and have only posted once but the comments that are received from other cutes make you feel proud of what you have done and that you are part of something special these are really good xx

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spendlove by spendlove 04 Apr 2014

I'm so glad you feel this way!

by lidiad 04 Apr 2014

Well done and welcome to Cute!
Hugs, Lidia

by baldacchino 04 Apr 2014

Well Come to Cuties we all have the BUG here, lovely work keep it up

by greytgirl 03 Apr 2014

Great job! I especially like your stuffed bunny.

by jrob Moderator 03 Apr 2014

Welcome to Cute Embroidery! We love seeing what you have done, and sister was right ~ I'm impressed.

by sewilso 03 Apr 2014

These are so cute! Very nice job!

by oaro 03 Apr 2014


by rachap 03 Apr 2014

You need to be promoted-nice work.

by shirley124 03 Apr 2014

Thanks for sharing your great projects. Keep up the good work. Shirley

by teun 03 Apr 2014

Willkommen.deine projeckte sehn alle sehr gut aus

by airyfairy 03 Apr 2014

We all had to start somewhere and I think for a 'newbie' your work is great. I am sure that sister Sue will soon teach you many things. Welcome to Cute. Sarah.

by rosakent 03 Apr 2014

Lovely, love the little stripy bunny, he's cute.

by pldc 03 Apr 2014

Sister Sue is absolutely right & I am very happy that you decided to share with us a few of your projects! They are all quite adorable! ~hugs & welcome to our cute family, Loralye~

by asterixsew Moderator 03 Apr 2014

HI Sues sister / newrecruit thanks for showing us the work you have been producing and for a beginner you are making a excellent start. Keep on having fun with your embroidery machine

by 02kar Moderator 03 Apr 2014

Welcome to the Cute family. You have a great start with these projects. I hope to see many more

by suelyn7 03 Apr 2014

You have done soooo well everything looks brilliant. Keep it up

by Leaha 03 Apr 2014

We all have to start somewhere and these look great to me. Good Job!

by spendlove Moderator 03 Apr 2014

Keep up the good work!

by decojo 03 Apr 2014

they are all adorable

by mops Moderator 03 Apr 2014

Your projects all look very nice. Great Easter collection!

by cfidl 03 Apr 2014

Hello, so nice to meet you. sue has told us nothing... Your projects look great and it seems you have the bug! Welcome to Cute and Happy Stitching!

by dragonflyer 03 Apr 2014

Nicely done...Sister Sue is right!

by basketkase 03 Apr 2014

Sister Sue is so right........awesome job and welcome!!