by crosses 03 Apr 2014

Is is my old age kicking in? I can hardly read the messages because the text is so small on tis site.. This is the only site I have a problem with. I have checked to see if I can change the size of the text with no luck.. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?


by Leaha 03 Apr 2014

In my case it has nothing to do with eyesight, my arms are the problem...either to long or to short to get things, close enough or far enough away so I can see! LOL :P (If I put things on the floor I can read them just fine, use toes to turn pages.
Glad you problem was easier to fix.) :))))

by cfidl 03 Apr 2014

for me... it is the browser. With all the malware affecting Internet Explorer. I am using chrome, which being an uninterested newbie just bring up pages which have smaller text.

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cfidl by cfidl 03 Apr 2014

I read the page and learned 2 new tricks - who said old can't....

by lildoll2 03 Apr 2014

i had problems seeing all sites, then my wonderful grandson made everything bigger, did something to my computer, now i don't have to stick my nose on the screen, if you know any kids that do computer stuff ask them to make yours bigger, good luck doris

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cfidl by cfidl 03 Apr 2014

So True!

by airyfairy 03 Apr 2014

Cuties are the greatest!!!

by gdsteliga 03 Apr 2014

If you click "ctrl+" you will zoom in. "ctrl-" will zoom out. Just keep clicking until you get the zoom you want. Works on all my computers
Hope this helps.

crosses by crosses 03 Apr 2014

Thank you! Worked like a charm. I haven't been visiting the site as much because I had to strain my eyes so much to see and it was becoming a chore and not pleasureable. Thank you once again.

clawton by clawton 03 Apr 2014

Also, you can hold the ctrl down and if using a mouse with a roll fecture you can roll in either direction to adjust the size.

eggyannie by eggyannie 04 Apr 2014

OH thank you so much for this tip now i can read the posts without putting my glasses on

by jrob Moderator 03 Apr 2014

If you are using Chrome as a browser there are three lines one on top of the other in the top right corner. If you click on that there is a ZOOM about the 7th item down where you can increase the page size to your liking.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Apr 2014

I have had no trouble with reading the posts. I hope you manage to get the problem resolved

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crosses by crosses 03 Apr 2014

Problem solved! Thank you