by bunnyhop 01 Apr 2014

made this for my granddaughter to put in her wendy house. made it out of some scrap fabric I had.


by sewilso 01 Apr 2014

That's cute!!! Nice work!

by bunnyhop 01 Apr 2014

on with another one. it's amazing what you find in your craft room.

toogie by toogie 01 Apr 2014

What is a Wendy house? It looks like a desk caddie,sort of, that we make for the backs of the school desk chairs.Ours slip over the backs.Looks good,and I like how you used your designs.

bunnyhop by bunnyhop 01 Apr 2014

more or less the same. she will beable to use it in or out doors. wendy house is the same as a play house

rescuer by rescuer 01 Apr 2014

It is lovely!
Flowers for you

cfidl by cfidl 01 Apr 2014