by arsenio 31 Mar 2014

I am having some problems with Designer diamond deluxe.

1st day it is the top thread tension was loose and top thread nest formed under the design. I clean the machine adjust the tension and now the bobbin thread is seen on top of the embroidery thread.
Kindly please advise what to do.
Since I cannot do free motion stippling, as I wanted to do stippling in the hoop.
thank you. God bless.


by sewist1 31 Mar 2014

Has this happened after the latest update? I had problems with my Diamond after the update and have rolled the last 2 updates back to before the September one. The machine is now stitching perfectly again.

by rachap 31 Mar 2014

I was told when I got my Diamond NOT to use prewound bobbins so if you are using one try winding your own-you can wind the thread from the prewound onto a Husquvarna. I did see a differance when I did this.

gerryb by gerryb 31 Mar 2014

Humm. I use prewound all the time in my Diamond. Wonder if it's because the dealers want to sell you more bobbins?? Or thread? Guess it depends on how picky your machine is about bobbins?

clawton by clawton 31 Mar 2014

I believe they have changed the tension system in the deluxe so that may be the reason for the change in use of prewound.

by mrskiki 31 Mar 2014

Are you having this problem also in regular sewing mode? I would change the needle and use a new bobbin. Perhaps even use a different spool of thread. Turn the machine off and back on so it goes back to the default settings and try again. Hugs. Nan W

by spendlove Moderator 31 Mar 2014

Perhaps the upper tension is now too tight and you need to find the happy medium.
Good Luck