by sambsranch 30 Mar 2014

I'm Back, kinda! I missed all of you.

This is what I've been up to for the last two yrs...
I have been busy remolding our old home for sale and bought another place and moved to Ca from Wa... So I have been working on old home and packing and trucking loads down south... Now I'm here in our new home and recooping from all the damage I have done to my body from everything you see above...
I ended-up with a frozen shoulder, Bursitis in both hips. Two herniated discs in my lower back and had to have surgery on my right foot for 2 pulled ligaments and 1 torn tendon. It was so bad that the bones wouldn't stay in place. Surgery didn't go so well as I ended up with what they call drop-foot!
I guess everyone was right, I have a tendencey to push myself to hard and don't know when to stop! UNTELL IT'S TO LATE!!!!!! Damage Done!

PS: I have a frozen shoulder again!


by jrob Moderator 31 Mar 2014

you were missed! Now sit yourself down and rest! Seriously, praying for your quick recovery.

by cfidl 31 Mar 2014

I completely understand. You did what you had to do, or it would not of gotten done. The collateral damage to yourself is just an inconvenience. Then when you stop you realize all that pain. Hope all goes well and you can slow down and heal.

by sdrise 31 Mar 2014

Oh my.. Time to rest and heal!!

by 02kar Moderator 31 Mar 2014

You have been busy and my goodness, you did overwork your poor body.
I've experienced all but the foot surgery. Please take it slow now and let your body heal. And enjoy your new home.

by pennifold 31 Mar 2014

Sorry to read all of your health issues, will certainly pray that you will improve. Love Chris

by graceandham 30 Mar 2014

Goodness, after all that I hope you are happily settled in.

by camylow 30 Mar 2014

Sorry to hear all this...Cutie warriors will be sending prayers
up for you....