by arsenio 30 Mar 2014


I am having some problems with Designer diamond deluxe.
1st day it is the top thread tension was loose and top thread nest formed under the design. I clean the machine adjust the tension and now the bobbin thread is seen on top of the embroidery thread.
Kindly please advise what to do.
Since I cannot do free motion stippling, as I wanted to do stippling in the hoop.
thank you. God bless.


by sewist1 10 Apr 2014

Have updated to the November update? Some are having problems following the update. I have the original Diamond and have had to take mine back to the update before the September one. It is now back to stitching perfectly.

by mops Moderator 10 Apr 2014

I am sorry I missed this and did not see it before. I hope you have been able to solve the problem some way or other. I have a different machine, a Ruby, and never had a problem with the tension unless I did not thread it properly or put a bobbin upside down - and that can only be done with pre-wound bobbins, the Husqvarna ones fit only one way.

For freehand stippling I get into problems with the invisible thread. The elasticity of it makes adjusting the tension a matter of trial and error for me - so that means stippling on spare fabric till I get it right, or using normal thread top and bobbin.