by zetsdesigns 29 Mar 2014

Can someone please help. I downloaded the freebie frog from adorable applique's in ART as I have a Bernina Artista, but I am unable to write some of their and cuties designs to my machine. HELP PLEASE


by jrob Moderator 30 Mar 2014

Are you using Artista software? What version do you have?

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zetsdesigns by zetsdesigns 03 Apr 2014

Yes, I am using Artista software V5. The problem is - I don't have problems with any other designs - just some of the adorable applique site's designs.

by PatriciaVosloo 29 Mar 2014

Having read your comment, I have opened the same frog design and 'written it to my Bernina Deco 340 on which I am using V6 software (Artistia). There was no problem to do that. However, I note that it is an EXP file and will not open from the USB when 'OPEN' is used. However, use 'OPEN WITH ...' (the option below Open) and then it will open. Try that. Patricia

zetsdesigns by zetsdesigns 29 Mar 2014

Thanks, I normally open it with 'Open with Bernina.exe', but I'll try again.

PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 29 Mar 2014

Were you successful? Patricia

zetsdesigns by zetsdesigns 31 Mar 2014

I tried everything now, but still unsuccessful. Even tried to open with pes with no luck. Thanks for asking.

by lilylady 29 Mar 2014

are they to big for your hoop? good luck!

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zetsdesigns by zetsdesigns 29 Mar 2014

No, they're not too big for the hoop. Tried to change the hoop size, but with no luck. Other designs seem to write just fine to the machine.