by zetsdesigns 20 Mar 2014

Hi there. Can anybody please help me with a design and or tutorial for a "comfort" blanky for baby with a soft toy insert/attached to the middle? Much appreciated.


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by bevintex edited 22 Mar 2014

kitty here,there is also a puppy and a bunny $4.99 each

by marianb 21 Mar 2014

thanks for asking about these, i have been lookin too... Welcome to cuties the friendlyest site in town..

by hart 20 Mar 2014

check out cute frog and more.

by danababes 20 Mar 2014

How about a tutorial for a baby bunny blankie? From there you can figure out how to add all sorts of animals to the centre of the blankie. :) xXx

brendalea by brendalea 20 Mar 2014

Thank you for the link. Happy Stitching

zetsdesigns by zetsdesigns 20 Mar 2014

Thank you so, so much. This is exactly what I was looking for.

baydreamer by baydreamer 20 Mar 2014

Thanks for asking and thank you dana for the link

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 20 Mar 2014

Thank You! I have always wondered how to do those!

danababes by danababes 22 Mar 2014

You're welcome :) xXx