by ashta 19 Mar 2014

Queen-sized Duvet Cover with swirls ... lots and lots of swirls LOL. There are a few celtic medalions stitched in silver metallic scattered about, but most of them don't show in the picture. My oldest daughter requested this last year and I finally managed to finish it after stopping to work on other projects. Just so you don't have to guess, there are 1,217,105 stitches, and the designs are from my HV Designer Diamond :) I've made tons of projects but this is my first time posting. Thanks for looking!


by hagridsmom 21 Mar 2014


by cfidl 21 Mar 2014

Wow that is a lot of stitching! Looks wonderful!

by airyfairy 21 Mar 2014

Absolutely amazing. Thank you for posting.

by Shisha 20 Mar 2014


by pennifold 20 Mar 2014

How beautiful Ashta, is this the front of the doona or the back? I love the design and I am a real fan of black and white. You've done a wonderful job and it must have taken hours to do. I bet your daughter loves it, love Chris

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ashta by ashta 21 Mar 2014

Thanks! The picture is the front ... looking from the bottom. It actually forms a triangle with the top point ending in the middle of the cover and embroidery from side to side completely across the bottom.

by yvh 20 Mar 2014

This is spectacular! You did an awesome job of stitching! Absolutely gorgeous.

by sonjapotgieter 20 Mar 2014

Hard work was put into this!!!Great work,well done..It is Stunning

by pennyhal 20 Mar 2014

This cover is fabulous! You were very ambitious to take on such a huge project, but you executed it perfectly. The placement and thead choices really make this design special. Please post some more!

by chenille 20 Mar 2014

Wonderful job!
Hugs, Nadyne

by ashta 20 Mar 2014

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! You have truly made my day! :)

by crosses 20 Mar 2014

Great idea and it looks wonderful.

by dididwiar 20 Mar 2014

Really nice! Well done!

by muflotex 20 Mar 2014

excellent work, you should post more often 8-)

by susiesembroidery 20 Mar 2014

Beautiful work!! Thanks for sharing your lovely project with us.

by pennydubose 19 Mar 2014

Breathtaking! I love it.

by killiecrankie 19 Mar 2014

Beautiful, time consuming project.I love seeing what people have done with the designs that came with the Diamond .I haven't used any of them yet

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ashta by ashta 20 Mar 2014

These are the first of the Diamond designs I've used, and they stitched beautifully! Although, I have a little to learn about the thread velvet .... next time, I will open them as soon as they are stitched as they weren't "blooming" very well.

by bbalbanese 19 Mar 2014

Wow, nice. love my gem

by rsloan 19 Mar 2014

Wow! This is beautiful and quite an accomplishment - what a wonderful gift.

by kingmar 19 Mar 2014

Love the colors. Worth the wait!

by Leaha 19 Mar 2014

Wow the stitch count is amazing, and this is very unusual as well as pretty. I can't imagine the hours that are in it.

by sewilso 19 Mar 2014

This is very pretty! You need to share more projects, lol! I love eye candy!

by noah 19 Mar 2014

First time come on**** we need to see more excellent work .please join in our show and tell hugs Carolyn

by lilylyn 19 Mar 2014

How creative. Looks wonderful. Did you use variegated thread? Lyn

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ashta by ashta 20 Mar 2014

Thanks! no variegated ... just black and a pale gray :)

by asterixsew Moderator edited 19 Mar 2014

What a wonderful labour of love you have stitched and what an amazing first posting. Thanks for showing us

by tauberschmitt 19 Mar 2014

einfach bezaubernd sehr gute Arbeit

by 02kar Moderator 19 Mar 2014

Wonderful! It is gorgeous.

by highlandermom 19 Mar 2014

Beautiful and glad you shared. :)

by oaro 19 Mar 2014

beautiful work

by marfa 19 Mar 2014

very nice and lot of work, but great result

by pldc 19 Mar 2014

Wow a huge endeavor of love & it turned out beautiful! ~hugs~

by elemausi 19 Mar 2014

This looks great