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by toet ( edited 16 Mar 2014 ) 16 Mar 2014

Hi cuties, thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I am well after the Chemo & scans. My Hair is back, its starting to go curly and is not the same colour. Funny when I was a child my dad called me ginger megs, well guess what it has come back ginger, normally I am blond. Thankyou all for you kindness, Heather


by shirlener88 21 Mar 2014

Heather - so glad that you doing well - that is funny about the change in color of you hair and that it is curly, too. I am praying for you dear one.

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toet by toet 22 Mar 2014

Thankyou so much, I hope all is well with you.

by anssmile 20 Mar 2014


I am a cancer survivor and also had VERY curly hair after chemo. When it grew out to a suitable length, I cut it in a shortish style, and it went back to straight! I could handle everything, but not the curly untidy hair. I was so thankful to get my straight hair back.

So, keep faith, and maybe yours return to normal as well. I was 30% gray before chemo and 80% grey after chemo.

Please check up on your teeth, teeth are severely affected by chemo, whether you have good mouth higiene or not. I lost 2 teeth due to chemo. My dentist said most of his cancer patients that had chemo, lost teeth.

I am glad to hear you are fine. I've been clean since 2006. All the best to you!

Best Regards

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toet by toet 21 Mar 2014

Thankyou Anneliese, I will go to my Dentist as soon as I can.

by maisiebo 19 Mar 2014

Beautiful news you GO GIRL wishing you well

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toet by toet 22 Mar 2014

Thankyou, big hugs to you.

by sharonleekesner 18 Mar 2014

I hug you and say prayers.

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toet by toet 22 Mar 2014

Thankyou I need lots of hugs.

by pldc 18 Mar 2014

I am very happy for you Heather, mine came back super wavy & before it was straight as a board! It will grow in very quickly if it is anything like mine. All the prayers for continued good health ~hugs Loralye~

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toet by toet 22 Mar 2014

Thankyou Loralye, I am so pleased the Chemo is over, and grateful for all your support. hugs

by lidiad 16 Mar 2014

Great news, Heather! I'm happy for you. Thanks for letting us know.
Hugs, Lidia

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Thankyou Lidia, each day I strive to feel better. hugs Heather

by sewilso 16 Mar 2014

That is great news! I am so glad you're doing better!

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Thankyou so much, hugs

by aussiequilter 16 Mar 2014

Great news Heather ,enjoy you new look ,I have a few friends that have had curls after Chemo

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Thankyou, it seams strange to have curls. Wigs were hot and caps were just ok, it is nice to have hair. hugs

by graceandham 16 Mar 2014

I hope when you look in the mirror you will always have happy memories of your father.

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

I miss him, he passed on when I was 21. hugs

by pennifold 16 Mar 2014

Dear Heather, Wow! what on earth were you doing up so early this morning? Such fabulous news re your recent results. The power of prayer is awesome! Don't worry about your hair, I bet it looks fabulous and I've always wanted curly hair, but no luck! I used to have it permed back in the 80/90's. I now have it au naturale, don't even have highlights. When you feel up to a picture, please post your new look! I hope it's not too hot up there in Queensland, this week we have low to mid 20's perfect Autumnal weather in my eyes. Love and blessings Chris

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Yes it was about 2.30am when I finely went to bed. Maybe it is the pain pills keeping me awake. I have made an appointment to see the oncologist tomorrow, to make a new plan for taking my pills. I feel much better the last couple of weeks. Walking without tripping over now, and have lost the puffy round face. Life is getting back to normal. Once a month I see the oncologist to have an injection for my bones, that will continue for the rest of my life. Plus every three months I need to have scans. It has become routine now. I have three quilts that I am sending to Rockhampton to be stippled, one in Japanese, one nautical and one Christmas design. Today I finished making the binding for them. I don't think I will make any more large quilts for a while. Tablecloths are the next on my list to make, the last couple of months I have been making Christmas gifts they are almost completed now. It has been so hot up here, really looking forward to winter,20's sound very pleasant, when it too hot the spar is a relief. blessings Heather

by noah 16 Mar 2014

Oh my praise God you are doing so well hugs and prayers:):)

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Hugs to you thankyou so much, Heather

by grandmamek 16 Mar 2014

Heather it is so good to hear your news. I am glad to know you are doing so well. I bet your hair is really pretty and now nice and curly. That will be easy to keep. Hugs, Mary

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Thankyou, it is just nice to have hair, this summer has been so hot, the wig was but aside and only wore my caps when I ventured out. hugs

by spendlove Moderator 16 Mar 2014

Thanks for sharing your good news.Enjoy the new look!

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Sue thankyou for your support on my journey it meant a lot to me. hugs

by devon 16 Mar 2014

Great news. Thanks for letting us know. Hugs DeVon

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Thankyou DeVon,hugs and blessings Heather

by toogie 16 Mar 2014

It is good to hear news from you.I bet your hair is pretty,too.I would take any color,cause right now mine is growing out gray,lol, ginger is nice rich color.I hope your health continues to improve-Toogie

toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Thankyou Toogie. I know that you are walking each step with me. Mine came back a mousey grey for the first couple of weeks then started to change colour, I was thinking of dying it pink. ha ha hugs Heather.

toogie by toogie 17 Mar 2014

My brother in law always said,he didn't care what color his turned,as long as it didn't turn loose!-lol

by airyfairy 16 Mar 2014

Great to hear that you are feeling well. My friend's hair also grew back a different colour. Look after yourself. Hugs Sarah

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Yes it is very strange the colour our hair comes back, maybe it is because it takes time for our body to come back to normal. hugs

by rescuer Moderator 16 Mar 2014

I am so glad you are doing well. I am sure you hair will be beautiful no matter the color! You have the rare opportunity to know what it is like to have naturally straight or curly hair and be naturally blonde or ginger.

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Gosh I had not thought of that, I think that I am so lucky, there are no bad days anymore, just some days are better than others. blessings Heather

by Leaha 16 Mar 2014

Sorry you have been under the weather, glad you are doing better...since you now have ginger hair, you can travel incognito for awhile and enjoy the beautiful color. Fathers know best!

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

Thankyou Leaha, I was thinking of dying it blond, but can not be bothered. cheers.

by dragonflyer 16 Mar 2014

Great News, I bet you are rockin' the Ginger color, too!

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

It is so nice just to have hair. hugs

by cfidl 16 Mar 2014

I have been thinking of you and appreciate you updating us. Best wishes for perfect healing.

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

It is so nice of you to think of me, thankyou hugs Heather

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Mar 2014

Heather its good to hear that your hair is growing again though not the colour it was.

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toet by toet 17 Mar 2014

My darling daughter, said we are woman we can have what ever colour we choose, love her to bits. hugs