by debbiep 10 Mar 2014

I give up on posting pictures to show how I have used some of the designs from many of you! I thank you for the freebies and appreciate the time you take to make such wonderful designs. The leads to sales and other sites is so generous also.

Wishing everyone a blessed week


by muffy 10 Mar 2014

Maybe you could e-mail the photos to another CUTIE and they could then post it for you. Worth a try...would love to see what you've done. Projects is my favorite section of Cute Embroidery.
Muffy :)

by CymbleneJones 10 Mar 2014

Don't give up. I, too, became frustrated when I tried uploading my photos, but rescuer helped me out by telling me of the Internet Explorer problem. I downloaded Google Chrome & used it only for that. After attempting to upload several times with no luck using Internet Explorer, using Google Chrome it took only seconds. I haven't gotten more things posted because of some health issues, but I will later & I now know with Google Chrome, it will be quick & easy. Give it a try.

by cfidl 10 Mar 2014

I am sorry you are having trouble with images. You are not alone. I down loaded google chrome just so I could post. Have a great week also.

by rescuer Moderator 10 Mar 2014

Please don't give up! You just need to use a different browser. The last major Microsoft Internet Explorer update caused issues with uploading pictures to this site as well as many others.
Please try using Chrome or Firefox. They are free and can be used without removing anything from your computer. Please let us know if you need help with this.