by toet 05 Mar 2014

Retreat projects


by rescuer Moderator 09 Mar 2014

Beautiful! What fun it must have been.

by cj2sew 05 Mar 2014

What a great retreat. I've been to those 2 1/2 day retreats and I never get to do this kind of work. What a great job.

by graceandham 05 Mar 2014

Wow! That was an inspiring time!

by lilylyn 05 Mar 2014

Wow!! What lovely projects. Could you please give us some more information as to what the little bags are used for. Also what fabric did you sew your towel edging on. Was it a felt? Doesn't look like cotton to me. Thank you. Lyn

by oaro 05 Mar 2014

great job

by pldc 05 Mar 2014

Wow what a terrific retreat to get so much accomplished! I love all of your projects! you must be tickled pink to have learned & gotten so much accomplished! hugs loralye

by sonjapotgieter 05 Mar 2014

Great work..All of them Beautiful...

by stella1 05 Mar 2014

Very nice and beautiful love all of them great job

by cfidl 05 Mar 2014

How long was this retreat? Wow look at all your beautiful pieces! I really want to try cut work.

by Leaha 05 Mar 2014

Very pretty, love the colors in the pic 5. :0

by noah 05 Mar 2014

There all nice but i LOVE the lace on your towel like that hows it done??Please telll all :):)hugs

by highlandermom 05 Mar 2014

Great projects they are all very pretty.

by olymphe 05 Mar 2014

tous très joli

by 02kar Moderator 05 Mar 2014

Beautiful work on each item. It's good to see you stitching again.

by judyoake 05 Mar 2014

What talent!! These are beautiful!! Especially like the continuous border -beautiful for pillowcases!

by mops Moderator 05 Mar 2014

Well, you must have had your machine doing overtime. What lovely projects you made!!

by jrob Moderator 05 Mar 2014

What great projects! Beautiful work.

by bejoscha 05 Mar 2014

Beautiful work on all of them!

by kezza2sew 05 Mar 2014

I just love the top photo of table is just perfect. all items look fantastic. You have done wonderful work...

by toogie 05 Mar 2014

I like the continuous design for the pillowcase edge,Ihaven't tried that.Afraid I couldn't start again at the right spot.I like the gols stitching on the bag,really shows up.Love,love love the runner and doily.Also like a bag with one strap but looks too small for me.Is the fan,a wallet? Looks like you had a good retreat!-Toogie