by toet 04 Mar 2014

When I had hair,this is my grandson,so cute.


by kezza2sew 05 Mar 2014

Heather, Beautiful photo, Baby You and hair....hope all is going well for you now...hugs Kerry

by sewilso 05 Mar 2014

Very nice photo! I used to have long hair and now I try to keep mine short, it's so nice to wash and go. Spikes can be fun to do starting out.

by sewist1 04 Mar 2014

You are a very young grandma.

by dailylaundry 04 Mar 2014

Such a sweet pic - your dear Grandson only looks to your smile and your love!! How sweet!! Hugs, Laura*

by Patricia109 04 Mar 2014

I was having some funny thoughts. Think of all that spare time not having to wash all that lovely hair. LOL I do have a funny sense of humour. When my hair was that long it took forever to wash and dry properly, but then mine was so thick I couldn't plait it like I can see that yours was before this pic was taken. I always wanted to be able to plait my hair, but couldn't.
One of the cancer survivors here at my work had curly hair before and straight hair after, but still lovely, just different. I am sure that yours will be just as lovely when it gets longer. And that grandson won't be worried whatever it grows back as. He will be just happy to have you.

by blueeyedblonde 04 Mar 2014

The most important thing to them is you - not how you look, with or without hair, big or small - they do like us= love unconditionally and you are you no matter what,
Keep on doin!

by dragonflyer 04 Mar 2014

How nice that he is able to have you with him to know and love you...and you to be able to watch him grow and get to know his grandmother...the hair will grow back...the love you two are able to share because you are here and feeling better is priceless...

by shirley124 04 Mar 2014

Lovely picture.

by cfidl 04 Mar 2014

It is beautiful! The health food store has vitamins - one is called Maxi-hair, and ooh it helps!

by noah 04 Mar 2014

No worries be happy God is good hugs

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by buanlester 04 Mar 2014

It will grow in time what important is your doing better and will have time to enjoy your love ones. Take care

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toet by toet 04 Mar 2014

Yes you are so right

by jrob Moderator 04 Mar 2014

Heather this is a beautiful photo and one that your darling grandson will cherish some day. Not because of your beautiful hair, although it IS! Because he will know that you took time to do things with him, to love him, to cherish every day you got to be with him. Just wait and see, he'll be telling you someday how much he loves you for being "his".

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toet by toet 04 Mar 2014

He has a lovely nature,always smiling.

by gerryb 04 Mar 2014

What a cutie! Hair will grow back...just so glad he has his grandma around to spoil him!!

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by 02kar Moderator 04 Mar 2014

I am sure this is a treasured picture. You just keep surviving.

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toet by toet 04 Mar 2014

Yes its a pity we keep our photos on computers.

by pennifold 04 Mar 2014

Nice to meet/see you at last! Beautiful picture of you and grand-son. Love Chris

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toet by toet 04 Mar 2014

Thankyou Chris

by airyfairy 04 Mar 2014

Lovely picture

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by lidiad 04 Mar 2014

He is adorable!
Hugs, Lidia

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by dididwiar 04 Mar 2014


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