by bbalbanese 04 Mar 2014

My machine was in for repair and I got it back so I made a few clutch bags for hair stuff. The design a from stickbär. Real easy in the hoop. I added the stippling and crosshatch to give it extra support.

I also want to let all cuties know I have been looking at all the great projects and designs that have been created. They are lovely. Creative and adorable as always. Keep posting . Keeps me motivated and hugs to all, my machine has to be sent to husqavarna viking . Repair did not fix the electronic problem. :(


by rescuer Moderator 09 Mar 2014

They are all well done!
I hope your machine behaves very soon!

by sewdeb 07 Mar 2014

Great collection of bags! Love the one with your Birgit on it! As a diamond owner - I feel your pain. I, too, had numerous trips to the repair shop to get it straightened out. Fingers crossed that yours will be properly fixed for good!

by smallwunderz 06 Mar 2014

Your bags are beautiful
I hope your machine comes home soon in perfect condition !

by pldc 06 Mar 2014

Ah Birgit that is such a shame. I do hope your machine comes back rather quickly & maybe you can get a loaner while you wait. I did not know that you could & I had to send mine back so cuties told me to ask & I did & they gave me a loaner! Your clutches are terrific & I love your fabric choices. Best of Luck with the repairs. Hugs *** Loralye

by marlakay 06 Mar 2014

Beautiful! Great job on these. One question: when you order these designs do you receive the instructions in english?
I have a Husqvarna Viking Limited Edition. It is a gem of a machine. It sews and embroiders beautifully! I love it. I'd like a machine with a jumbo majestic hoop, but afraid to buy another machine in fear it wouldn't sew as nice as this one..

by sewilso 05 Mar 2014

Very pretty! I love your fabrics.

by airyfairy 05 Mar 2014

Lovely bags. Thank you for posting. Sarah

by robinbird 04 Mar 2014

These bags you've done are so delightful& the colors so vibrant too. Wondered what Viking machine you had? Trust you'll get your machine back soon& better than ever. :~D

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bbalbanese by bbalbanese 05 Mar 2014

I have a Designer Diamond Deluxe. Thanks for the comment

by mad14kt 04 Mar 2014


by buffy1 04 Mar 2014

very cute

by shirley124 edited 04 Mar 2014

They are all so lovely. Shirley
Sorry for the double up. Too slow loading and I hit the submit a second time. LOL No patience here

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bbalbanese by bbalbanese 04 Mar 2014

Thanks. I am Birgit lol

by shirley124 04 Mar 2014

They are all so lovely. Shirley

by oaro 04 Mar 2014

great job

by sonjapotgieter 04 Mar 2014

Awesome!!!!Great work..Well done

by danie 04 Mar 2014

Très joli et bien fait bravo!

by graceandham 04 Mar 2014

Great variety of looks and well stitched.

by highlandermom 04 Mar 2014

Nice job these look very nice

by basketkase 04 Mar 2014

Great bags.........very pretty and functional!

by rosemarie2 04 Mar 2014

Beautiful bags - love your fabrics!

by elemausi 04 Mar 2014

Lovely purses and nice fabrics

by noah 04 Mar 2014

Love them your off to a great start lol hugs

by lidiad 04 Mar 2014

Beautiful bags, well done!
Hugs, Lidia

by dietcoke 04 Mar 2014

You used those magic words " real easy in the hoop" in your description.
Now I just had to go and buy those designs. What great gift ideas.
Hope they soon fix your machine.

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noah by noah 04 Mar 2014

oh Diet coke i love the stuff lol hugs carolyn

by lilylyn 04 Mar 2014

Lovely purses. Great idea to keep the hair bits tidy and not lost!!!

by justsew 04 Mar 2014

Great work, the bags are lovely, and the fabric is so pretty really setts them off.What sort of machine have you got. it must be frustrating with such a new machine.
hugs Pam.

by castor 04 Mar 2014

love your Bags,hope you get your Machine fixed soon

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bbalbanese by bbalbanese 04 Mar 2014

Thanks, me too. I have a DDD . Bought it in July last year new. Problems since the day I got it. Even though it has issues I love the way it stiches and sews when everything is working properly. Just an expensive machine and wouldn't expect to have such problems. It happens with anything . Problems can happen. Just wish it wouldn't take so long once I send it back.

by greytgirl 04 Mar 2014

Beautiful job on the clutch bags. Love your choice of fabrics!

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bbalbanese by bbalbanese 04 Mar 2014