by melindalord 27 Feb 2014

T-shirt for great niece Macy with Belle. This is a 4T shirt so I had to open the seam on one side to put it in the hoop. I used no show mesh nylon cut away soft stabilizer and then floated some medium weight tearaway under the hoop. After I finished the design and trimmed the stabilizer I pressed Dream Weave fusible on the back to cover the threads and keep it from scratching. I use Floriani stabilizers.


by pldc 27 Feb 2014

a wonderful effort with terrific results! hugs Loralye

by dragonflyer 27 Feb 2014

I am sure she will love it!

by mops Moderator 27 Feb 2014

She'll love it!

by highlandermom 27 Feb 2014

Very cute

by oaro 27 Feb 2014

very nice

by lilylady 27 Feb 2014

she will love it, very nice.

by osueo 27 Feb 2014

Floriani is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread AND stabilizers!!!!!
God bless you.