by mariahail 22 Feb 2014

Howdy. my name is Maria Hail,I am 63 years old and I live in the great state of Texas, USA. I am divorced, have two children and six grandchildren. The oldest one is 19 years old and he is serving in the Army. I enjoy embroidery, a little quilting and acrylic painting. Love music and playing games in Facebook. If I feel sad or blue I come here and feel much better. Love ya'll!!!


by katydid 25 Feb 2014

Love you . too ! Maria Check maria's flower count and you know she is an old timmer here. Kay

by vickiannette 25 Feb 2014

Hi Maria, I live in the Wesern part of the State called South Australia.[in Australia of course] I am 61, been married for 40+ years and have 4 grandchildren. [1 girl,1 boy are our son's; 2 girls are our daughter's.] I also liked patchwork,sewing and crafts. I live on a farm and it is a remote country area. Do belong to Facebook, but don't play the games. xx

shuede by shuede 25 Feb 2014

Hi, Vicki! xxx Denise

vickiannette by vickiannette 25 Feb 2014

Hello to you too Denise. Hope the cold hasn't come down too far and affected you.xx

by toogie 24 Feb 2014

You have a PM, eight days old.Please respond-Toogie

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toogie by toogie 24 Feb 2014

I also emailed you

by gerryvb 24 Feb 2014

it's always good to be here with Cute family isn't it!

by pldc 24 Feb 2014

we are happy to have you! hugs Loralye

by zoefzoef 24 Feb 2014

Hello Maria ! nice to have you in our group !

by darlingwife 23 Feb 2014

We are kinda neighbors ... I live in Oklahoma!

by haleymax 23 Feb 2014

so glad to be a part of your day brightener.

by marjialexa Moderator 23 Feb 2014

We love you too, Maria! You have been such a great contributor and friend here at Cute for such a long time, you truly are one of the "family"! I'm glad coming here can cheer you up if you're a bit sad, because you cheer us up often enough. Big hugs to you, Marji

by graceandham 22 Feb 2014

Welcome Maria. I lived in Ft. Worth1977 till 1989 and my two boys are Texans. This is a great place to ogle, download, learn, and have friendship.

by grossfamilie 22 Feb 2014

Hi Maria! I am a Maria too - I will be 60 in May, have six children and 3 grandsons. Since we started late on having children 4 of them still live at home and are students; so my days are still occupied with work but I hope to have more and more time for myself and my hobbies.
Also I sometimes look into facebook to see what friends all over the world are doing and you are soo right Cute here is a very good place to cheer up. Have a great Sunday!!! Maria

by lucy1234 22 Feb 2014

Good to hear from you! It sure is a good place to lift your spirits. Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!