by bbalbanese ( edited 16 Feb 2014 ) 16 Feb 2014

This is the basket I made after Noah posted her pretty basket. Thanks for sharing your project . I used the 12x12 measurement . I did the inside corners a little different . I used my buttonhole attaching stitch for it. I didn't have any matching buttons so I tacked on the ribbons instead. My mom will get the basket to go with the tea towels and potholder I made her. This was soooo easy and quick to make.


by annyn 20 Feb 2014

Beautiful basket.

by sandralochran 20 Feb 2014

Love it

by buffy1 20 Feb 2014

very cute

by sewilso 20 Feb 2014

Very charming basket! The possibilities are endless!!!

by muflotex 20 Feb 2014

seen a new hype started, like your version well

by lucerba 20 Feb 2014

Votre panière me plait beaucoup. Vous avez fait du beau travail

by spendlove Moderator 20 Feb 2014

Nice one - love the ribbons.

by evie 19 Feb 2014

Very nice, I bet your Mother will really love them....they are funzy

by clawton 17 Feb 2014

Very nice. Love the bows!

by rescuer Moderator 17 Feb 2014

Excellent work!

by sewilso 16 Feb 2014

Your basket is very nice, they all are beautiful!

by robinbird 16 Feb 2014

What a lovely basket& good idea on using corners to hold the scissors too. :~D

by mysew1325 16 Feb 2014


by dailylaundry 16 Feb 2014

Looks great - I like the bows!!! Hugs, Laura*

by mycarole 16 Feb 2014

How cut is this? You really succeeded and you were quick like a bunny. Carole NB Canada

by oaro 16 Feb 2014

you did great job

by noah 16 Feb 2014

Love yours:):) its so funny before i sewed mine down i put the scissors in mine then i thought more work***It would /could use more pockets,so i left it,nice to see great minds think alike or fools never differ (My Dads Sayings) lol Great job my friend hugs Noah:):)

by toogie 16 Feb 2014

The choice of fabrics are to my liking and I also like your use of the corners.I was going to either serge mine or tack them down,as I didn't like the looks of them,but after seeing yours,how you are able to stand your scissors,I like them better.Thanks-Toogie

by 02kar Moderator 16 Feb 2014

I love it! I think the ribbons look pretty too.

by cfidl 16 Feb 2014

Love it! I am not familiar with the stitch you used, however it looks good from here!

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toogie by toogie 16 Feb 2014

Looks like the featherstitch,but aren't these cute!

by lidiad 16 Feb 2014

Love your basket! The bows add a nice touch.
Hugs, Lidia

by blueeyedblonde 16 Feb 2014

looks good!

by pldc 16 Feb 2014

nicely done, hugs Loralye

by bbalbanese edited 16 Feb 2014

Still have to trim all the threads and noticed a boo boo while looking at the picture. stitch line on the outside is off. Next one will be straight. lol

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bbalbanese by bbalbanese edited 16 Feb 2014

My mom won't mind