by kylasm 11 Feb 2014

My 3 yr old nephew can't remember the word sew...he says KyKy can fix stuff. He said he needed me to fix him a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bag. I found a cute tutorial for a bag with a window that wasn't too girly and he loved it. Since it's lined he also chose the popcorn lining too. Link to the tutorial below :-)


by greysewist Moderator 13 Feb 2014

You've done a brilliant job of this one, Aunt! How nice also to find someone who appreciates our sewing skills -even if they don't know the actual word! Hope he'll be a fan for life :)

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kylasm by kylasm 13 Feb 2014

When he asks what I'm doing I tell him sewing, or embroidery or serging a seam etc. but it's too much for him to remember so he lumps it all together as "fixing". He brings me every loose thread he finds on his clothing for me to snip it off. He loves the machines but wants to touch them while they are running so I've had to tell him that they bite! He is very interested in watching me rethread or fill bobbins and will chase after snips of thread that fall to floor. He's now requested a cape with an "S" so he can fly, lol.

by hagridsmom 13 Feb 2014

This is a great bag - love the vinyl window. I am not surprised he loves it.

TY for the link - it only took me about 2 hours to find my way back here! I love exploring blogs - they have so many interesting things, tutorials, links, sew alongs, flickr links - it's amazing I find my way home sometimes.

by noah 12 Feb 2014

Great job Grammie:):)hugs

by sewilso 12 Feb 2014

It is so handy, what a cute bag!!!! I love it!

by pldc 12 Feb 2014

Super cute! hugs

by kylasm 12 Feb 2014

Thank you. He is very happy with it and he said " My (toy) animals can see out of it and not be scared", lol :-)

by cfidl 11 Feb 2014

Oh Wow! Fantastic bag! Thanks for the link!

by lidiad 11 Feb 2014

It looks great! Your little nephew will be thrilled to play with it.
Hugs, Lidia

by jrob Moderator 11 Feb 2014

That's precious KyKy!

by Hedera 11 Feb 2014

What a tough bag for a little tough boy. He will be very happy with it.
You make it beautiful with the fabric.

by baldacchino 11 Feb 2014

you did agreat job well done I bet he likes it L Sherene X

by lilylyn 11 Feb 2014

Bag looks great. Bet he loves it. Thanks also for the link. I love to make little bags with vinyl in them. Thinking I could make a sewing bag with vinyl in all 4 sides so you can see what is in there. Ideal for mini projects or projects on the road. Maybe toiletries bag also. Lynx

by oaro 11 Feb 2014

you did great job