by mycarole ( edited 11 Feb 2014 ) 08 Feb 2014

This is the place where you can show off, right? (lol) This past Xmas I made over 20 beautiful father Xmas for our community Xmas fair. On some, I added an embroidery design on the coat. Never thought I would love my embroidery machine as much as I do. So now I have two machines.


by rescuer Moderator 09 Feb 2014

Nicely done!

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mycarole by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

Thank you

by sorval 09 Feb 2014

wow Carole this look real great
i have try to read what they all write here but english is different than my language
but it look so great and lovely
and welcome in the cute family
hugs Sonja

mycarole by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

Thank you Sonja. What is your native language? Mine is french and I'm not always very good in english to.

sorval by sorval 10 Feb 2014

i am from the Netherlands lol
hugs Sonja

by brendalea 09 Feb 2014

Stunning Old Saint Nick's!!!! Question regarding what did you put them on? plastic cone or a pop bottle filled with sand? Did you make your own pattern or use a store purchased one? Reason I ask is I have a few heads & hands that need to be done one day. Happy Stitching

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mycarole by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

Oh Brenda, heads are rare, keep them even if you don't make them yet. I use a cardboard cone, stuff it with shredded paper and tape a bottom to keep the paper from falling out. Then I place the cone in a coffee can for stability. You would never know unless you take him apart. (Keep those coffee cans, they become very handy. As for the pattern, well, I took a course 20 yrs ago, used pattern the teacher gave us, but I was not always happy about the finish product so based on that pattern I tweaked it until I was satisfied. When you are ready to make them, I'd be pleased to walk you through the process. Carole

by clawton 09 Feb 2014

These are wonderful. Looks like a lot of work! and you made 20!

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mycarole by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

Well, I made a few more then that in the past 20 years. When I look back at some of the pictures 20 yrs ago, I'm embarrassed a little and yet everyone thought they were beautiful then. I'm improving.

by greytgirl 09 Feb 2014

Your Old Saint Nick's are absolutely stunning!!! Quite a talent you have.

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mycarole by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

thank you

by tkazzie 09 Feb 2014

Wow this is great my mum would love this she has over 200+ and puts them all out at Christmas she starts putting them out on the 21st of November love the detail

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mycarole by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

I do to. Thank you. But I just have one for myself.

by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

As promised, here are a few more of my Old Saint Nick.

by lhart 09 Feb 2014

Beautiful work, can't wait to see more. Did you sculpt the face and hands to? His outfit is very elegant. I love all Christmas as well and have a collection of Santas and have made a few myself, alot of work goes into each one.

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mycarole by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

The hands and face were bought on the net. They have been discontinued in Canada. It was quite a job to find them on the net. Now I can't find them anymore.

by pennifold 08 Feb 2014

Dear Carole,

He is absolutely stunning. I love everything Christmas and to that end have my whole house done out. I've got one similar to yours above but not in so much detail. I've been making a Saint Nicholas quilt for over 2 years and just adore him. I hope to see more of these jolly gentlemen. Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Hi Chris, since you asked, I will post more. Thank you.

by snowbird42 08 Feb 2014

wow this is awesome you can "show off" all you

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

soozie, there will be much more to come and some are truly funny. I just need time to load up.

by lenamae 08 Feb 2014

This is so great you did such a awesome job on this I love it .I think the old time Santa's it so beautiful

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Thank you "lenamae".

by danie 08 Feb 2014

Très joli et très bien fait, moi aussi j'en ai fais plusieurs dans le passé.Je suis contente de savoir qu'il y a des gens près de chez moi qui font de la broderie, je demeure à environ 3 heures de chez toi.

mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

danie, ou ca? merci pour ton compliment.

danie by danie 09 Feb 2014

A deux minutes de Lamèque précisement.

mycarole by mycarole 10 Feb 2014

Lameque? Sur une ile?

danie by danie 10 Feb 2014

Ça s'appelle l'ile de Lamèque, peut-être as-tu déjà entendu parler de Shippagan ou Tracadie ce n'est pas loin d'ici.

by pennyhal 08 Feb 2014

This is a very elegant project! Your work is fabulous. You have taken great care with all the little details you added. Love it!

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Thank you pennyhal. What else can we do with real fur?

by highlandermom 08 Feb 2014

Beautiful work and awesome finishing touches. I smiled at the now you have two machines. The word never thought I would love says it all. You may end up counting a few more lol.

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Well, I thought of buying the one with the very large hoop, (around $10,000) but I just had to put the thought in a little box called "Wish List". thanks for the encouragement. carole

by sonjapotgieter 08 Feb 2014

Wow!!!They are Stunning...Great work

by oaro 08 Feb 2014

beautifu lwork

by rachap 08 Feb 2014

How nice!!Wish I could have purchased one.

by dragonflyer 08 Feb 2014

A true work of art...he is stunning!

by lilylady 08 Feb 2014

Beautiful Work!

by maggiecal 08 Feb 2014

This is truly stunning - I adore your attention to all the little details. Beautiful work.

by judyoake 08 Feb 2014

This is gorgeous! What a lot of work you put into it! A true keepsake.

by carolpountney 08 Feb 2014

Yes I made a Faher Christmas but yours is 100% better than mine well done I like it very much

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Thank you carolpountney. We always think others are more BEAUTIFLEUR than ours. That's what I think of Michelle's Old Saint Nick. Have you seen hers? Check out: michemb

by cfidl 08 Feb 2014

Yep you take my "hat's off" award! Wow quite impressive.

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Thank you "cfdl" One father Xmas takes about 16 hours to make from scratch.

by rsehorse 08 Feb 2014

You do beautiful work. these are beautiful works of art. hugs, Susan

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Hugs back, thank you

by bobbies41 08 Feb 2014

Fabulous !

by michemb 08 Feb 2014

great job, I make these as well and I know how much work goes into each one, this guy looks terrific.
where are you living in NB, I lived 30 years there.
Michelle in Montréal

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Thanks Michelle, I live in Memramcook. I replied to you on your other post. I'm not sure how all this work yet, maybe I should of gone to your "name" to give you an answer. I sold these fatherXmas at the Moncton, Coliseum Turner Craft Fair. It was our first time. By the way, congratulations on your retirement. You will be so busy, more busy than when you were working.

by basketkase 08 Feb 2014

My goodness, Carole, what a major task this was and to make 20 of these stunning Santa's is amazing.....beautiful work!

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Thanks "basketkase", yes it was a major task, I have two left from my craft fair sale.

by pldc 08 Feb 2014

This is just beautiful!~ hugs Loralye

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mycarole by mycarole 08 Feb 2014

Hugs back, thank you.