by glynnis 08 Feb 2014

Hi my son is trying to start up his own business and wants me to embroider his logo on his shirts and golf shirts, but I am not a digitiser. Is there anybody that would be willing to digitise his logo for me?? Preferably free if possible. If so, please would you PM me. Thanks so much. God bless Glynnis.


by rescuer Moderator 08 Feb 2014

I am not sure you offended people. I know they were not trying to offend you. It should never "hurt" anyone to ask. There was nothing wrong with your question. Perhaps there will be someone offer to help. However, you should be willing and able to pay for their services.
I will try to help you understand what you are seeing when you find the occasional digitizer offer to do something for free.
First, some digitizers love and need a challenge. Sometimes they will do a free design just for that reason alone. Second, many of the things being digitized are done so that the finished product can be given away to a charitable cause or for personal use only. I think the most important thing to address is the person requesting the free help has made significant contributions to the group here.
I am certain if jrob (one of the moderators) asks for something many of the digitizers would gladly help her because of all the help she has offered Cuties over the years. I know several of our wonderful digitizers would help me if I ask. That is due, I think in part, to the computer help I have offered them or perhaps because I volunteer my time to moderate the site
I do hope this helps you understand. I also hope you none of you will be offended by each other as I believe all the comments were made with good intentions.

by glynnis 08 Feb 2014

I am very sorry if I have offended anybody, and no, I did not know that logos are a paid item. I have just on the odd occasion seen requests for assistance. My son was retrenched, has lost everything including his wife & home, and is desperately trying to get something going so that he can earn money & get a life again. I m trying to help in anyway I can, and that is the reason for my request. So, sorry that I have offended people.

mops by mops edited 08 Feb 2014

I sent you a Private Message. Click on Inbox in the top row, it should have a number next to it.

jrob by jrob 08 Feb 2014

Glynnis, I'm sorry for the trouble your son has had. I think perhaps they were trying to explain to you the protocol of getting designs and especially logos. Is the logo something that you have drawn up or that he or an artist has created or is it an idea that you would like developed? Perhaps we could find you a design that would work beautifully that is offered for free that you could use?

eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 09 Feb 2014

Glynnis, I was not offended by your request and you shouldn't hesitate to ask any question! There are a lot of people in Cute who are new to embroidery and do not know about logos and things. If you don't ask you won't find out! It is wonderful that your son is doing his best to make a go of starting a new business and he's so lucky to have you there to support and help him any way you can. If it were my son, I'd be doing the same as you! I wasn't trying to upset you with my post but to explain to you and everyone else who had the same question, that logos are usually handles differently by most digitizers than free designs are. I don't digitize either which is why I had to get someone to digitize my logo for me. That was when I found out how logos were handled. I apologize if I hurt you as that was not my intent. I wish your son the best of luck with his new business and applaud your efforts to support him anyway you can. That is what Mothers do!! Don't stop asking questions!! If you want to know something, then there are others who feel the same and they want to know too. God bless you and your son.

by eyeztodiefor10 08 Feb 2014

Mumzyfarm, you aren't being ugly. Logos are usually a paid item for digitizers, but perhaps she didn't know that.
Glynnis, when it comes to logos most digitizers consider them to be for a business so since they are also in business, they usually charge for that service. When I needed a logo done I contacted Ricki at Tea Tree Embroidery and she did it for me and did an excellent job. I know that start up business expenses can get out of hand but this one is a necessity if he wants the shirts done. If you do find someone who will do it for free then God Bless and wish I had been so lucky! Good luck!

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airyfairy by airyfairy 08 Feb 2014

Very well put Meri

by mumzyfarm 08 Feb 2014

I am not trying to be ugly, as I would tell my children but, have you checked the price of the digitizing software? I paid $550 for my ART Bernina Embroidery Software 7 update. When I originally purchased the Designer 6 it was $1,425.00 on sale. And some of the ladies that do digitizing for a living paid a lot more. That is a lot of money to just give it away. I know some designers do make designs to give away but that is at their pleasure. I apologize if I have offended any one but I am extremely appreciative of being allowed to be a part of this site and once I learn to use my software correctly I would like to share some of my designs.
Hugs Mumzyfarm